Remz 0703 Official Press Release

Meet the newest freedom-of-feet remedy, a powerful mix of black&white
style and unmatched performance: the new Remz team 07-THREE.
With its classy duo-tone look and proven features such as the new
one-piece soulplate (improving grind space and boot strength), Remz's
unique freedom-of-feet concept and boot construction and many
well-thought-through features and details, this new Remz design is once
again the top of the line. The unique Remz lacing system provides and
one-of-a-kind neoprene liner provide a glove like fit and ultimate
combination of flex and support.
The 07-THREE comes with the Dual Injection frame from Ground Control,
super strong 8 mm axle bolts, 42 mm anti-rocker wheels and Remz 57mm
wheels. Features:
- Remz soul frame
- Classic Remz skate concept
- GC DI Injection Frames
- 8 mm axle bolts in black
- 42 mm ant-rocker wheels
- Remz 57mm/88A wheels Sizes: 6-13