Rollerbladers of Poland - Why shouldn`t miss it?

Few short questions from Jojo Jacobi to polish riders about WC2010. Read and find out why you shouldn`t miss it!

1. How many times you’ve been at the Winterclash?

Przemek Madej (USD, Hedonskate): 3 times

Radek Kojtych (Remz, Jug, Hedonskate): 4 times

Bartek Zgrzeblak (Hedonskate): I badly wanted to visit all of them but so far I attended 2 times

Kuba Olejarz (Xsjado, Hedonskate): 2 times

2. What was the best year for you?

Przemek Madej: WC 2009

Radek Kojtych: WC 2007

Bartek Zgrzeblak: definitely WC 2008, each time I go there it's so much improved!

Kuba Olejarz: WC 2008

3. What was the most memorable moment for you at the event?

Przemek Madej: Every WC trip is a huge experience, it would be hard to pick only one moment from hundreds of memories I have from there!

Radek Kojtych: I was thrilled when I saw so much Pros in one place for the first time.

Bartek Zgrzeblak: The whole thing is so intense, that it's difficult to pick one, there were so much things which totally amazed me.

Kuba Olejarz: Have you ever been there? Can you imagine to choose one moment from the whole week of such experience :)come on!

4. What makes the Winterclash special for you?

Przemek Madej: Whole rollerblading community in one place at the same time.

Radek Kojtych: Although WC brings the most famous stars of rollerblading industry, you will be amazed how much unknown people are shredding at the highest level.

Bartek Zgrzeblak: People from around the world, skaters with crazy skills and the incredible vibe.

Kuba Olejarz: The middle of the cold Winter, it seems that there is no chance to have a good session and BAM! Whole rollerblading world together skating , partying etc do you need more?

5. What are you looking forward the most at Winterclash 2010?

Przemek Madej: The same as always - to have great fun during 100% rollerblading weekend!

Radek Kojtych: Another awesome skatepark and the vibe known from previous editions.

Bartek Zgrzeblak:
Expect unexpected!

Kuba Olejarz: Lot of new people and lot of new thrills!

6. Why people from Poland should come over to the Winterclash 2010?

Przemek Madej: Because it's the biggest rollerblading event in the world and this year it's so close to us!

Radek Kojtych: Simply the best place you can go that weekedn, I think everyone should experience Winterclash at least once!

Bartek Zgrzeblak:
It`s simple – when you come back you will have hundreds of stories to tell to your friends who didn't go, they will realize what chance they lost. Besides it's the first time when such big event is not far away from our boarder, you will go there once and I can guarantee that you will want to come back next year! Go Winterclash!!

Kuba Olejarz: Exactly, Winterclash has never been so close to Poland, why anyone would want to miss it? Everyone will be ripping the park during the best weekend  of the year and you will be sitting at home? No way! See you in Berlin!