Be-Mag Print issue 36

Issue 36 features all the crossovers and promotion that is happening for 
rolling worldwide. We want to show you how rolling has changed over the
years and how tours, skate contests and skaters behave in this new
setting. On the contest side we look at the 2 biggest core skate events,
the Winterclash and the BCSD, which both stepped up their game this year
and drew more looks from outside than ever before. On the tour level we
followed USD and NIMH as they dove into the booming South American
scene, where skaters are still treated like rockstars. They travelled
from country to country and city to city and met tons of skaters and
interested people!

To showcase the current skate scene in Europe we take a look at the
thriving scene in Berlin, where some of Europe's top skaters and
skateowned companies recently moved and are also making their mark
outside of skating. Furthermore we started a new format this issue where
we showcase skaters who also made their mark outside of skating. For the
first installment we met up with Kareem Sheehab who made a big impact in
the fixed gear world. And last but not least we caught up with Mark
Wodja, who was featured in last years Am issue.

· About / Guest Editorial by Robert Guerrero
· Winterclash
· USD South America
· NIMH South America
· Berlin City Check
· Mark Wodja
· Kareem Sheehab
· Soulstealing

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