Clac & Wheelscene - new print media!

Rollerblading is strong! We have a pleasure to present two, new print mags that were released lately. As we all know ONE and Be-mag is doing their best to cover the rollerblading worldwide yet french CLAC and english Wheelscene have a good chance to get some fans too!! Read the editorials from the premiere issues to see what authors had in mind when creating those mags!


'...Destroy everything and start over again!

Such is  the driving force behind the magazine you are holding in your hands right now, from which you have already turned the first pages.
For those of you who aren't yet aware, Clac is born from an agreement between two rival rollerblading magazines, Roll`s and Arrgonace. You can forget everything about the aforementioned, we're wiping the slate clean to make a fresh start again.
In an era where the Internet represents most of information flow, the paper format needs to differentiate  with a more selective and exclusive content in order to survive. It's for us to thumb our nose at the unordered heap of raw information which constitutes the web...'


  • Format: A4
  • Pages: 82
  • Language: English, French
  • Bonus: Poster (Richie Eisler/ Michael Garlinghouse)
  • Price: 19 zł / 5 EUR

Cool stuff to read in the first issue:

  • Nice review of Rollerblade Solo Estilo Rob G
  • LeSeans interview
  • Dominic Sagona, Leon Humphries
  • Sydney Scene report
  • Winterclash 2011 Story


“...Welcome to Issue One of Wheel Scene, the UK`s first free blading and music newspaper. We love rollerblading magazines, but we have noticed that most of them don`t have a lot to read and dedicate too many pages to pointless photo sections. It`s a little disappointing when you wait fro months for your favourite magazine to come out, only to find that you have read the entire thing from cover to cover in less than 20 minutes. We decided to remedy this situation by cramming our first issue full of interesting blading and music editorial from all over the world – and some amazing photos, too. After all, everyone likes pretty pictures...”

  • Format: A3
  • Pages: 64
  • Language: English
  • Price: Free
  • Interviews: Rob G, Joe Atkinson, Reakwon (Wu-Tang), Gabriel Hyden,
  • Catching up with – Cameron Card
  • Comeback kid: Tyron Ballantine
  • Endless Opportunities: Elliot Stevens
  • Know Your Roots: Jenny Logue, Dean Jagger, Champion Baumstimler, Josh Clark