Ground Control Formula 1 XS By Kuba Olejarz

Completely redesigned frame by Ground Gontrol with bunch on new features.

What`s new?

  • H block -It`s bigger than previous F1 block - which results in larger space between 3 and 4 wheel. It will greatly improve anti-rocker as well as flat setups.
  • Material - it`s slightly harder than standard GC frames - the frame is faster and more durable than the last edition.
  • Axels - the axels wholes are now even deeper. No more sticking on the rails or ledges. Again the "life" of the frame is prelonged. 

After a month of skating in XS frame, I can say it`s a worthy product - due to new improvements the frame is long-lasting and I found it great for street ledges and park as well. Check the short edit and find out how do they work!