Do You know me?

1 Love at first sight.

Does it exist?
Most of you will have asked yourself this question at some point. I know I have many times, but every time I think I’ve found it, I always seem to find a fault, which leads to a reluctance to continue pursuing this tainted love. From then onwards I seem to only be able to notice the negatives and I start to look for something new and improved.
I pick and choose, I turn up my nose at countless other options and then when I least expect it, it smacks me right in the face.
Imagine a faultless form, slender with beautiful curves, a natural beauty that requires no make-up or fancy accessories.
We first met at the ISPO trade show in Munich. Having been sucked in in the past by good looks that in reality have nothing to offer me, I was somewhat skeptical at first, but this time I was drawn in straight away and decided to give it a whirl.
I got down to work. We hit it off straight away. There were no uncomfortable early moments, no awkward pauses, even when I slipped straight inside despite having only met five minutes ago. No pinching or chaffing at all, we tried out lots of positions which all felt great, bending all over the place. It’s never felt as good in the past when they go on top but this time it was smooth and easy. After doing it all over the place, the ride was nothing short of unbelievable, and most importantly, I was completely in control. Yes, yes, yes! My new love comes from Germany (Bindlach to be precise) and is a member of the very well-known Powerslide family. . USD, the flagship brand of the Conference are constantly innovating in order to meet the needs of the ever demanding rollerblading public. They’ve hit the nail on the head with the USD Realm: simplicity, solid construction with a clean design, based on the not so long-lost stylish Fila krusty skate. 

Distinctive features of the USD Realm:
- Slender shape that satisfies all tastes.
- Perfectly shaped soul and royale plate made of the world famous Kizer fluid material, generally regarded the best material for grinding in the industry.
- Anatomic liner adjusts to the shape of the foot. The comparative thinness of the liner, which focuses on simplicity instead of fancy-nancy extras, provides a perfect fit and remains extremely lightweight. This is a perfect solution for people (like myself), who have wide feet.
- a special place for shock absorber, that does not take limited centimeters in your shoe. As an effect, we obtain optimal amortization without a need of moving your heels.
- extra lace ring improves the binding and fits to the foot, works like a “power strap”, what make your ankles more stiffened.
- weight! This are definitely the lightest skates on the market.
- Ridiculously low price (99euros!!) The USD Realm has many interesting innovations such as the fixed cuff and new soulplate. The fixed cuff provides improved stability while jumping while at the same time allowing for additional flex on grinds, especially useful for topsides on ledges. The buckle fasteners are perfectly positioned and built to last. The shape of the soulplate is also ideal for rough grinds.Souls are going really smooth with no accidental stops.Moreover royal groove is made of accurate amount of plastick which gives the extra strong layer that I couldn’t use(destroy) even after 4 moths of skating. USD Realm is a modern skate with the UFS system what means You can attach any other frame that You want.Personally I chose KIZER fluid team III frame. Deep royal groove of the KIZER fluid III perfectly fits to the soulplate in USD Realm, thank to what tricks like torque are really easy. Royal seems to be super confident and all the budget tricks like my favourite "top acid to ao top soul" goes through nice and smooth.. 
USD Realm try it!
Adam Żurawiecki