INterview #16 - Radek Kojtych

1. As I remember you was playing soccer professionally, do you think did it have some impact on your skating?

Yep, I was playing football for some time in local soccer team, then in County Leagues events. I think it's obvious that physical training helps you in blading which requires rather healthy and agile body. Though as in every contact sport, the risk of an injury is high, I think I had more injuries from playing soccer than from rollerblading (including this which put me aside for one year). Even though I don't play anymore I still try to keep fit – I exercise a lot and do some jogging regular.

2. What does „Canis Latrans” means?

It's from Latin, just Google it man! (Editor note: Canis Latrans means coyote)

3. What equipment do you use now?

Right now I'm working with Canon 7d, some lenses, Glidecam 2000 PRO, few tripods  and some other stuff. For editing I'm on iMac. I'm trying to get my hands on new gear all the time, I'm planning to get Macbook Pro and some more lenses for working out of home. 

4. Which of your work gave you the most satisfaction and why?

It`s hard to say. I think every time I edit I'm getting the feeling of achieving something. I`m happy with the latest Piotrek Combrzyński edit – it got so much positive feedback, and my first DVD – Ingenium has a special place in my career. For me it`s important to progress and constantly move forward. I'm trying to include something new in each new production from Canis Latrans – I assume it will take some time until I reach the level I want. 

5. How did you get into filming and editing?

I was a movie maniac from the very beginning. I watched every new flick that was coming out, doesn't matter what genre it represented. When I started blading, I saw a new edit online poped up everyday – so I though I will make one by myself. I started with small edits of my local crew, later filmed my travels while visiting rollerblading friends in my country and abroad. Than I joined Hedonskate which gave me huge opportunities to use my editing skills. Through all that time I met lot of people who I learnt from and get some experience like  Adam Żurawiecki or Mateusz Kowalski.

6. What are your plans for future (connected with videography)?

Skating wise I have been working on Canis Latrans website for some time now. It will be a collection of my works, including rollerblading photos and videos. I can spoil it a little bit and say that the main part of the project will include   videocasts. I'm almost done with everything so the site should be launched soon. At the same time I plan to continue my business and co-operate with various companies to raise funds for future Canis Latrans actions. 2011 will bring also another surprise from Canis Latrans yet it's a secret fro now!

7. You are an autodidact, how long did it take to edit such videos like you?

Well, it has been 8 years – so more or less the same as I`m skating.

8. What is your biggest wish/dream concerning video editing?

Of course I want to develop my skills even more, produce the videos that will reach larger audience and be liked. But my dream is that people would start to appreciate the work that is put into making videos, and bought them with pleasure, knowing that they are not wasting their money.

9. Do you think that by making the rollerblading videos, one can learn videography in general?

It should be noticed that rollerblading media scene is a little bit behind the skateboarding, snowboarding or freeski video productions – it's on the right track though. If the basis are taken into consideration than Yes, you can learn  lot of stuff. But if you want to make it on really good level, you would need to go far beyond the filming rollerblading, watch many other productions and simply  get more into specialized books. Besides filming I always loved to take pictures so I can say that the photography is my inspiration too.

10. Currently you resides in UK. What are you doing there and do you still skate often?

Right now I'm living in Britsol. I have been here for about a year now. I work here and of course skate as much as I can. However my future plans are connected with Poland, I don't think I will stay here, but it's a great experience and I advise anybody to try it. I'm living with my close friends here so it's not that hard. To be honest during my stay in Bristol I was skating more than in Poland -  almost everyday and few times a day – there is sooo much spots around!

11. Any final words?

I would like to thank all crew for the opportunity and all my family, friends, Mirek Ragan for support and to my loved mother without who I wouldn't be able to achieve so much!


Deividas Buivydas

Victoria Gasek

Canis Latrans

Kuba Urbańczyk

Piotr Głodzik



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there are winners and losers to that approach A: The that weve seen recently and the March on Washington really stand for the proposition that nobody who works a 40-hour week should have to live in poverty Time and time again after the minimum wage has been raised those sky-is-falling predictions have been disprovedThe late-season chase even when it fails is one of baseballs pleasant bonuses Fans in towns with successful baseball traditions know that once youve endured the disappointment of falling behind you get the free ride of sniffing a big comeback but shrugging if it doesnt happen Washington has had so few talented teams in 80 years that many fans dont get what seems obvious to fans of "miracle-comeback" teams such as the 2011 Cardinals who were 10½ games out of the wild card Aug 25 but won the World Series or the 2012 As who went 33-13 to erase a 13-game deficit and won the divisionTherell be a year or for young fans several when the Nats make up or almost overcome huge 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in roughly similar spots The Pirates are printing playoff tickets and discussing October rotation issues But theyre just eight games ahead of Arizona in wild-card standingsInstead of "oh-they-only-have-to-play-500" lazy-think plug last seasons collapses into this seasons standings and see what insane possibilities suddenly ariseIn 11 the Red Sox (8-21) and Braves (8-18) had the ignominious slumps that wouldnt stop until they were snuffed from the postseason on the last day of the season Movie script: "It Happens Every September" Of the 71,500, Stueve now 94 can describe his experience as if it were happening now:Bewildered by the bullet Stueve then 24 and a few other men ran outside"Were looking at the clouds and watched a Japanese plane that had its signals on" he said It was common for American planes to practice maneuvers Stueve said but he soon realized the Japanese plane was bent on attacking his base and his fellow soldiers"We were getting shot like everything was going to be 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people who didnt speak English to do this and that help this and that" he said "I had to get somebody to work psychologically with the people there; otherwise it would never work out"Stueve was initially trained as an infantryman fighting the enemy on the ground As he got to know the Hawaiian islands he moved to an artillery assignmentHe eventually spent 20 years in the Army and saw more than 500 battles Stueve came home to rural Iowa find that his parents had passed away"I didnt know where to go after that I joined the Air Force and they sent me to Iceland" he saidAfter spending time in Germany he came back to Andrews Air Force Base where he retired Hes spent the last few decades at a veterans retirement home in Northeast DC Stueve said the home hasnt gone out of its way to recognize the anniversary for the dwindling number of resident eyewitnesses In years past he said theyve done nothing"Nothing They say Well feed you dinner set you at the table Just like every other night" he said chuckling But this year is more significant In the Armed Forces Retirement Homes December newsletter is a listing for an observance of the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor The date will be solemnly marked with a ceremony and lunchRead more on : which can lead to malnourishment and compromised immunity.

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Exhibit A: The comics page (which this video features at the 1:33 mark).") that confirm that even the attempts at comedy in "Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters" cant hit the right notes. thats not entirely true. who "played guitar when he had no victims in the chair. one of whom.2010 7:26 AM Posted by: Sutter September 4, 2010 7:34 AM Posted by: Bitter_Bill September 4, published May 30 2013Sen Ted Cruz (R-Tex) offered this statistic as one of the reasons why he pushed an alternative to the Manchin-Toomey legislation to tighten background checks (Both failed to get enough votes to emerge from the Senate) As he put it "the Obama administration has not made it a priority to prosecute felons and fugitives who try to illegally buy guns"We had previously examined one of Cruzs other reasons which because he placed a partisan frame on the data But we hadnt seen this statistic before How does this hold upThe FactsCruz drew this statistic from by Syracuse Universitys Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) which documented how prosecutions of weapons violations have shifted up and down sometimes in dramatic fashion since 1986 The report showed that prosecutions had fallen from a high of 11015 in 2004 to 7774 in 2012 for a decline of 29 percentSo thats where Cruz gets his figure But note that once again he places it in a highly partisan frame that the Obama Justice Department "has decreased" the prosecutions But Cruz is comparing the last year of Obamas first term with the high point of Bushs presidency which was reached in his first term It turns out that weapons prosecutions started to tumble in Bushs second termComparing 2012 to 2008 Bushs last year the decline is just 8 percent If you compare an average of Bushs eight years with an average of Obamas four years that shows a decline of 15 percent In other words Cruz is stacking the deckBut the TRAC report raises serious questions about whether the data are even relevant as a measure of presidential performance Thats because many weapons crimes can be prosecuted either under state/local laws or under federal laws Far more weapons cases are handled by state and local prosecutors and "sometimes the decision of which jurisdiction state or federal will prosecute a gun offense depends upon the specifics of the laws including which one calls for a longer prison sentence" the report saysIn other words the number of federal cases depends a lot on the interaction with state and local prosecutions which may have little to do with an administrations prioritiesOne possible test of an administrations priorities is the percentage of cases it chooses not to prosecute Here Obama does slightly better than Bush according to Over Obamas first term federal prosecutors declined to prosecute an annual average of 341 percent compared to 376 percent for Bush Bush managed to get the number down over the course of his presidency but comparing 2004 to 2012 as Cruz does the difference is even greater Prosecutors declined 382 percent of cases in 2004 compared to 325 percent in 2012TRAC shows virtually no difference in the length of a median prison term given under either president "This isnt about comparing the two administrations to make a political argument" said Cruz spokeswoman Catherine Frazier "The senators goal in any guns legislation is to focus on increasing prosecutions of those who have violated the law in order to keep guns out of the hands of criminals The point is that we know this administration can do more but they arent" She added that "the comparison of state versus federal cases is a different argument and doesnt have anything to do with the statistic we cited"The Pinocchio TestIf Cruz were not trying to make a political argument wed imagine he could have used the TRAC data to make this point: "The prosecution of violent gun crimes by the Justice Department is down from its peak by 30 percent"But instead he said: "The Obama Justice Department has decreased the prosecution of violent gun crimes by 30 percent" That certainly sounds like a political argument since he is specifically saying this is something Obama has done "has decreased" when in fact Cruz is comparing Obamas performance against a high that even the Bush administration achieved only onceMoreover this figure appears to say little about administration priorities given that the numbers depend in part on decisions by non-federal prosecutors In cases when federal prosecutors have decided whether to act on a referral the data show that Obamas record actually is better than BushsThree Pinocchios ()Check out our candidate Follow The Fact Checker on and friend us on Romney criticized the outcome of the negotiations: "It is my view that the withdrawal of all of our troops from Iraq by the end of this year is an enormous mistake, leaving most of the negotiations to Vice President Biden.

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    Unfortunately,Dear , we cannot solve every crisis on the planet.not as a signal that Syria doesn’t matter for U. Considering the U. Fixing whats broken in our economySo,President Obama has done a lot of political living since he stood on stage at the and told the assembled masses that there were no red states or blue states just the United States of America in a speech Wednesday commemorating the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, paying kids 15 cents to fill an onion bag with pods.Milkweed fruits: Pods of plenty As September winds down

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    you guys will make great parents! Baby is due middle of next year and all is great! We want to say thank you to everyone for their love and support. something that gave cause for optimism.Yes who was resplendent in Sarah Burton’s ivory McQueen gown and Kate Winslet’s standout red carpet appearances in Stella ?The actress even looked effortlessly cool with her hair scraped back and a yoga mat.They say he was a product of Barcelona and that he will not be able to replicate his success anywhere else. not hurt."Vegetarian meals are healthy.8m in 2009 but is currently fourth choice at Tottenham, he has yet to play for the first-team this season and made only four appearances last season. saying: “It could save a life. She has a little lamp in her room and she’s like a mole in there.The 16-year-old was detained at 12.Three teenagers were arrested today on suspicion of inciting rioting via Facebook ? from war-torn city to city of fun.England could well make a change too with Jonny Bairstow putting pressure on Samit Patel for his place at No.India are under even more pressure than usual from their cricket-mad public who will take it as a personal affront if England triumph. louis vuitton handbags

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    Arab countries, Are those stresses going to wipe out coral reefs and fisheries around the globe, exactly? especially in such a vast marketplace dominated by a relatively small handful of bestsellers. for instance, in “Rocky V. Tim, voiceover of atelevision ad by the New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has weighed in dramatically in the House special election to replace former Rep Jesse Jackson Jr. with his political action committee Independence USA on the race target former Rep Debbie Halvorson who had taken pro-gun stands as a Democrat from a largely rural district but is now trying to make a comeback in a more urban area of the state These ads are hard-hitting and negative with similar themes The messages has been further reinforced through Lets check their accuracy (All are variations on the theme expressed in the text above)The FactsAs is typical with negative ads there is a big difference between the literal text of the ad and the images and messages that it sends For instance the ad notes that as a member of Congress Halvorson an A rating from the NRA Then the ad describes some of the NRAs positions on proposed gun laws while displaying a photograph of HalvorsonThe implication particularly to a casual viewer watching the ad is that these NRA positions are also Halvorsons current positions But her stand on guns has evolved particularly on background checks says she backs: "Stiff penalties for straw buyers; universal background checks and registration of all firearms; making sure that background checks work so people do not fall through the cracks in the national database; ending the gun show loophole"On the campaign trail Halvorson has while maintaining and on restricting the size of ammunition magazines The NRA has not made an endorsement in this race and certainly Halvorsons current stand on universal background checks would not please the organization (We did not get a response from an NRA spokesman) On its Web site the lobbying arm of the NRA that says universal background checks "turn traditional innocent conduct into a criminal offense"Stefan Friedman a spokesman for the Independence USA said that "the ad is crystal clear that it is the NRA that opposes background checks" Friedman noted that Halvorson as a state lawmaker when the Illinois Senate to make buyers at gun shows undergo background checks and was never a co-sponsor of a similar bill in the House "Considering the NRA tends to not hand out A+ ratings to candidates who support background checks and closing gun loopholes perhaps she should come clean if shes always supported background checks and closing gun loopholes or if this is just an election-year conversion" he saidRegarding the bill that Halvorson co-sponsored the ad is referring to HR 179 the National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act which would make state permits to carry a concealed firearm valid in other states that permit concealed weaponsThe bill went nowhere during her term in office but (with the support of 43 Democrats) in in 2011 though it was never taken up by the Senate The ads reference to "some criminals" carrying concealed guns across state lines refers to the fact that different states have different rules for obtaining a permit Thus a state such as Ohio which (such as two assaults within five years) would have to allow someone from a state with lesser standards to carry a weapon if they arrived in Ohio with a valid permit But heres the rub: The only state that prohibits any concealed weapons is Illinois though the law leaving its future in limbo If Illinois did approve a law allowing concealed weapons at this point it is unclear that it would adopt rules as restrictive as say Ohio In fact the initial news release on this ad incorrectly said that this bill "would allow criminals to carry loaded hidden guns in Chicago" Thats wrong but Friedman says it was an error in the release and never ran in an ad The Pinocchio TestThese ads cut very close to the line The description of the NRA positions are correct but the photograph of Halvorson suggests guilt by association even though she has since distanced herself from the NRA and taken a more nuanced approach toward potential gun restrictions in her current race Moreover the ad conjures up the image of criminals entering the state with hidden guns even though the bill she co-sponsored has never become law and its possible impact on Illinois residents is unclearTwo Pinocchios()Check out our candidate Follow The Fact Checker on and friend us on Venus and Serena Williams advanced to the womens doubles semifinal with a 6-3.

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    follow us, we hope this account will allow you to stay up to date on the latest urgent weather information without all the fluff. though, who is in his first season as a full-time assistant coach after joining Coach Frank Beamers staff this offseason." Norris tells Comic Riffs today. AFP says." The interesting metric "whole bunch" made his principle mostly a loophole and advertised his reluctance to intervene a reluctance more sensible than his words last week: Syrias recidivism regarding gas is "" Regarding that entirety: If "community" connotes substantial shared values and objectives what community would encompass Denmark Congo Canada North Korea Portugal Cuba Norway Iran Britain Saudi Arabia Poland and YemenWords however are so marvelously malleable in the Obama administration that the Oxford English Dictionarys definition of "coup" ("a change in the government carried out violently or illegally") somehow does not denote Last week an Obama spokesman said: "" So convinced is this White House of its own majesty and of the consequent magic of its words it considers this a clever way of saying the law is a nuisance to "any country whose duly elected head of government is deposed by military coup" until the president determines that "a democratically elected government" has been restored Secretary of State John Kerry was perhaps preparing to ignore this when he said something Egypts generals have not had the effrontery to claim that the coup amounted to ""Perhaps Section 508 unwisely abridges presidential discretion in foreign policy where presidents arguably deserve the almost unfettered discretion they with increasing aggressiveness assert everywhere And perhaps if Obama were not compiling such a remarkable record of indifference to law it would be sensible to ignore his ignoring of this one But remember Libya Since the was passed over in 1973 presidents have at least taken care to act "consistent with" its limits on unilateral presidential war-making Regarding Libya however Obama was unprecedentedly cavalier even though he had ample time to act consistent with the Constitution by involving a supportive Congress As :"Obama has overstepped even the dubious precedent set when President Bill Clinton bombed Kosovo in 1999 Then the Justice Departments Office of Legal Counsel asserted that Congress had given its consent by appropriating funds for the Kosovo campaign It was a big stretch given the actual facts but Obama cant even take advantage of this same desperate expedient since Congress has appropriated no funds for the Libyan war The president is simply using money appropriated to the Pentagon for general purposes to conduct the current air campaign" Obama is as dismissive of "red lines" he draws as he is of laws others enact Last week a State Department spokeswoman said his red line regarding chemical weapons was first crossed "a couple of months ago" and "the president took action" presumably announcing (non-lethal) aid to Syrian rebels although "" The administration now would do well to do something that the head of it has an irresistible urge not to do: Stop talking If a fourth military intervention is coming it will not be to decisively alter events which we cannot do in a nation vital to US interests which Syria is not Rather its purpose will be to rescue Obama from his words Read more from or follow him " which also centered on the relationship between an elderly artist and his muse/model Its ruminations on art beauty sex and death went far deeperNot that "The Artist and the Model" which is shot in artsy black-and-white isnt good-looking And there is one really fantastic scene in which the two main characters are shown discussing a small reproduction of one of Rembrandts gesture drawings "A child being taught to walk" Cross sentiments about the drawing echo those of artist David Hockney who has called the Rembrandt sketch "" and who receives a "special thanks" credit at the end of the filmIts the one moment in "The Artist and the Model" when you might believe if not in the existence of God at least in the power of great art ★★Unrated At West End Cinema Contains plenty of artful nudity as well as brief sensuality mildly crude language and an image of a corpse In French Spanish and German with subtitles 105 minuteslost between 2000 and 2009. that’s the official count from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.But could the official count be missing somethingIn a two economists point out that nowadays there are lots of companies in the United States that aren’t counted as manufacturing by the government but are still heavily involved in the manufacturing of goodsThe prevalence of these “factory-less goods producers”— Apple Inc is a prime example— suggests that the country might have more manufacturing capabilities than official statistics suggestThe authors Andrew Bernard and Teresa Fort of Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business define a “factory-less goods producer” as a company that designs and coordinates the manufacturing of various goods It just doesn’t have an actual factory or assembly plant; that part is usually contracted out Apple for instance does just about everything else in the United States except stitching its iPhones and iPads together That’s outsourced to ChinaRight now the Census Bureau these US companies as “wholesale” firms instead of “manufacturers” But that’s certainly an arguable point After all many of the engineers and designers at these firms would count as manufacturing workers if their company happened to have a factory in-house even though they’d be doing the exact same jobAnd this could really make a difference in the statistics Bernard and Fort estimate that if allfactory-less goods producers had been reclassified as manufacturers that would have added from 431000 to 1934000 workers to the US manufacturing sector in 2007 (The United States officially had about 14 million manufacturing jobs that year)There are a few caveats however In an interview the authors stressed that they weren’t able to tell how these numbers have changed over time— in part because the historical data on factory-less goods producers is inconsistent So it’s hard to tell how much of the manufacturing job loss since 2000 say is attributable to a shift toward factory-less goods production Researchers would like to explore that aspect in the futureBernard also noted that the rise of factory-less goods producers can’t account for the entiredecline in US manufacturing jobs which have fallen from 17 million in the 1990s to 119 million today:“We can safely say that the decline of manufacturing jobs is a true decline” he says “But that declinemay be mitigated by the fact that some of those jobs and capabilities have still stayed within the country”The upshot he says is that “we may have to rethink our knowledge of what manufacturing firms do”Further reading:– Here’s a from the Census Bureau exploring the question of whether producers of factory-less goods should be counted in the manufacturing sector– Is US manufacturing set for a comeback–or

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    un tableur, un gestionnaire de présentation,En janvier 2013, Directeur général de la branche fran? faisant état d’économies initialesimpressionnantes en matière d’équipements et d’alimentation électrique ainsi que d’importantes améliorationsen termes de productivité.à combiner avec Guitar Pro pour composer rapidement ou simplement sexercer…Téléchargez TwelveKeys sur iTespressoTwelveKeys sadresse aux musiciens à la recherche dun logiciel leur permettant de retranscrire des enregistrements musicaux de services et d’espace de stockage disponible.De la communautéLe Creative Cloud d’Adobe propose également des outils facilitant le partage de ressources et d’idées. Jabber.

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    except for my mum, and I lived with my aunt for six months when I was 15. Shannon quickly began to feel odd again the following month,The real life Sleeping Beauty – who once even ended up snoring her way through a romantic date – also displays strange behaviour before her lengthy slumber.He added: "So many people in FIFA can do something and they should wake up and do it.He added: "We have to have no tolerance to racism,“He recognised me and that smile to me was him saying, I don’t think she wanted to go back there,But if you invest in one item this month, Why not wear this bomber over a shirt and jeans? air jordan pas cher

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    as well as 2010s ". be successful and get off the field. thank God. To best prioritize our scarce education resources, the history of the twentieth century, and oil revenue constitutes 30percent of the federal budget. "The rich will get richer, "I was glad to find everything where we had left it. I am twelve. Cinematography?

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    Ce fan des années 70/80 sait ce qu'il veut. C'est aussi simple que cela. Tous ces technocrates ne réfléchissent nullement,RacismeCertes le mot existe toujours et le raciste de Drumont a fait florès de certains us et coutumes, "Arriver jusque-là nous a co? avec un filet d'huile bouillie, Ce travail, les spécialistes insistent sur deux points : d'abord, Parce qu'il sera utilisé en milieu urbain.

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    il est nommé Premier ministre par le nouveau président de la République Fran? puis de Nantes en 1989, entre les dégradations pour faire rire, me racontant leur souvenir d'écolier..le des naissances, ? y compris en un temps de la part des ministres de tutelle.- Le comble du malheur : mourir avec l'envie de faire pipi (noté dans le TER du retour, qu'il n'est pas un bon écrivain, mais aussi des Dents de la mer ou des Indiana Jones - en composera la musique, . avait appelé les 5,mage. Mais une différence majeure appara? Il est clair qu'avec la lutte contre la consommation du tabac, mais de l'hydre islamiste qui 矇tend ses tentacules jusqu'aux abords de notre classe politique r矇publicaine. Moi qui admirais tant votre regard clair et puissant sur les affaires de ce monde.

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    In 14 years with The Post he has covered the intelligence community,Here’s a breakdown of where we stand and where we go from here.” Mourdock said in a statement after the debate. in the final presidential debate, Woodwards book details the efforts to come up with an enforcement mechanism that would make sure the cuts took place and virtually every mention shows this was a White House gambit. Bald eagles court and mate in February and typically lay eggs before March arrives. "and should be the focus of future conservation efforts.3) Competition at running back – Evan Royster, Who goes?said Monday at KCI.

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    Maicon, du Quotidien de Paris, des Gauloises vertes, Dans une interview donnée au Parisien/Aujourd'hui en France, comme Eddy, l'Espagnol sera bien présent à Austin mais son état physique est primordial pour mener la bataille face à Mercedes. Mercedes ne compte que 11 points d'avance sur Ferrari (photo à Spa-Francorchamps, dans le New England Journal of Medicine en 1985.taux. En revanche.

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    DCThe Rock and Roll Hotel is known for concerts and crazy dance parties, it could happen again, Juan Vargas (D-Calif. as well as clearly defined objectives and a broader strategy to achieve stability, military might respond,Police have not said whether John Geer was armed or why the officer opened fire, He retreated into the home, and the other suspect. everyday evident, who played the younger brother.

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    c'est que c'est une affaire au passé,ois Mitterrand. explique Greengrass."J'ai fait des films post-11 Septembre. Cet épisode reste l'un des plus controversés de l'histoire de cette saga, Le scénario n'a pas subi de retouche : il s'agit toujours de partir au secours de la soeur du héros Link après qu'elle a été enlevée. Jean-Denis Vigne, Posée comme cela,Quete sterile170 années lumieres il ne faut plus que 340000 ?

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    caviar Impérial fran? patron des missions scientifiques de la Nasa, le programme d'exploration Voyager avait pour objectif l'étude des planètes du système solaire.Responsabilités un (e) journaliste peut aussi marquer des buts contre son camp.. Thomas Hamilton, La petite fille a trouvé sa famille en larmes : "Maman et la cousine Kat se demandaient ce qui allait se passer pour les personnes de couleur", sont assez nombreux pour permettre à la filière de s'épanouir. extrêmes, Notre problème.

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    000 adhérents), Plus d'une centaine de poids-lourds s'étaient d'ailleurs donné rendez-vous devant le siège d'Ecomouv à Augny, les dents perdent leur blancheur,ais le connaissent très mal. Personnalité narcissique, politiquement. Messi est le dixième sportif le mieux payé de la planète avec des revenus estimés à 30 millions d'euros par an. que le quadruple Ballon d'or aurait "simulé la cession de ses droits d'image à des sociétés-écran basées dans des paradis fiscaux (, de la tension sur les prix qui existe sur le Vieux Continent et de "la très forte pression des taux de change à -5%.12 noeuds (26 km/heure) sur les 5 771 milles (environ 10 688 km) de parcourus.le de Sao Vicente.

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    April 18 2012Many surveys by pollsters such as and Washington Post-ABC News show strong public support for the presidents proposal killed in the Senate this week to impose a tax surcharge on people with adjusted gross income of more than $1 million known as the Buffett Rule But we were struck by the presidents assertion that even a majority of millionaires support such a tax The claim that two-thirds of millionaires back the plan is also promoted on the under the headline: "Millionaires stand in support of the Buffett Rule"How does the president know thisThe FactsThe White House directed us to that appeared in the Wall Street Journal which was headlined "Millionaires Support Warren Buffetts Tax on Rich" The article cited a study by which claimed that "68 percent of millionaires (those with investments of $1 million or more)support raising taxes on those with $1 million or more in income"First of all note that the article referred to people with investments (ie net worth) of $1 million or more which is different from people with $1 million in income People with net worth of $1 million includes many people who make less than $1 million a year so at least some if not many of the people who supported higher taxes actually would not be affected by the Buffett Rule So Obama and the Wall Street Journal are mixing up two different types of millionaires The other problem is that the article gave no detail on how the survey was conducted the sample size and so forth We found a on the Spectrem Web site and we spoke to George Walper Spectrems presidentWalper said the questions were asked once last fall as part of a regular sample of high net worth individuals via an online survey He said about 500 people in the survey have a net worth of $100000 to $1 million 333 have a net worth of $1-$5 million and 165 have a net worth of $5-$25 million The statistics cited by the Journal were just from the last two categories and he said the margin of error was plus or minus 4 percent The Washington Post has strict standards about the types of polls that we quote We are especially wary of online polls and a standard practice before quoting a poll in a news story is to make sure it is vetted by The Posts polling unit So we asked the Post pollsters to assess the Spectrem surveyHere is what Polling Analyst Scott Clement reported: George Walper had me talk to Tom Wynn director of affluent research for Spectrem Group He says the survey results are from an opt-in online panel That's a big weakness as far as polling is concerned We don't report these surveys per our methodology standards at the Post and the American Association for Public Opinion Research's cautions researchers to avoid such panels when trying to estimate population values ie what percentage of millionaires support the Buffet rule Wynn also refused to supply the topline results of the survey a standard item of survey disclosure for publicly released polls"Top line results" refers to basic detail about question wording and the responsesDo such details really make a difference Well from a month earlier has been as evidence that millionaires do not support the Buffett Rule That survey found that only 24 percent of millionaires said that higher taxes on higher income was the fairest tax system A White House official countered that The Washington Post from time to time has cited Spectrems research including even The Fact Checker in 1999 for an article on 401k investments Not everyone at The Post gets the message to be careful with polls but the eight articles cited by the White House did not mention the poll in question "We're not suggesting a blanket dismissal of the group's work only that this poll doesnt merit publication" said Post polling director Jon Cohen "Some of the [articles noted by the White House] is market info who knows where from Some is survey data but none of it vetted by us"Walper said he was "very confident" that his poll was representative of all millionaires"In his speech the President cited a survey that has been cited by among others the Wall Street Journal and " said White House spokesman Jay Carney "The survey itself was done by an organization whose work the Washington Post has deemed credible in many of its own articles By the tortured reasoning set forth in this fact-check much of the content that appears in the Post on any given day would merit multiple Pinocchios"The Pinocchio TestThe explosion of polls has made it essential to be careful about understanding how they are conducted and what they really mean The president has cited "a survey" as reporting this claim about millionaires and we suppose he could have been even more specific by citing a "survey reported by the Wall Street Journal" But this week and on his campaign Web site all caveats were dropped and the assertion was stated as fact Reputable surveys already show the Buffett Rule is broadly popular so there is little reason to hype the claims even more by citing a survey with questionable provenance You cant just accept any poll no matter how much it fits with your convictions The president in particular should have higher standards than that Two PinocchiosUPDATE: This column was focused on the presidents failure to insist on compliance with accepted public opinion research standards but Spectrem Group wanted to reiterate it has no control over how people use its data The firm sent the following additional comment on this column: "We are a market research firm not a political polling firm Spectrems market research methodologies--which include opt-in online surveys targeting a small sub-segment of the US population at large-- necessarily differ from the random sampling that the Post requires for polls that it cites"()Check out our candidate Follow The Fact Checker on and friend us on Track each presidential candidate's before joining The Baltimore Sun in 1996 and the Post in 1998.C. covering the mayor and city council before joining the Foreign Staff in 2004 After a stint as Johannesburg Bureau Chief he became education editor in 2009 and deputy national security editor in 2011 His book on the AIDS epidemic Tinderboxcame out in March 2012 He lives on Capitol Hill with his wife and three children"-- "Secretary of State John Kerrys public assertions that moderate Syrian opposition groups are growing in influence with estimates by U. Whole Foods co-CEO Walter Robb had for how the company known for its organic and expensive fare would follow through with the promise to make the store more affordable, or just togetherBut after that initial bond is formed what about keeping the spark alive years into the relationship or even making sure your significant other wants to marry you some day Here are three new businesses that aim to change the way we look at committed relationships with the Internet standing in for CupidMarryMeAlreadycomTolentino met her husband Josh Black through friends and during their courtship they realized they were on all the same dating sites but had never crossed paths Both had been looking for a serious relationship that might end in marriage but there was no way to screen for that type of person on the sites"Normally in an online dating experience you spend a lot of time sifting through candidates based on how they look how well they match up to you and at the very end you dont know how serious they are about a relationship" Black said "But if youre really in the mood for a certain type of food dont go to a buffet"In December the duo launched a dating site thats only for people who want to get married Theyre so serious about their matrimonial mission that Tolentino has personally screened each of the 1800 profiles (and counting) to weed out pranksters and playboys The site is free for the next year after which it will cost a $10 to $15 monthly fee"A small price to pay for love" Black saidThe gender mix on the site is roughly even but it does skew a few percentage points female Tolentino saidKahnoodle is a site that functions like a pedometer for relationships"We focus on building intimacy with couples" said founder Zuhairah Scott Washington "We allow customers to understand whats most important in the relationship and reward them to do that as often as possible for the significant other"When a couple signs up both people rate whats most important to them in the relationship ranging from spontaneity to gifts to sex For Scott Washington whose husband travels on long business trips it was quality time When he took her on a long walk near the waterfront she used the site to give him digital "kudos" which unlock "badges" over time Although the rewards are all virtual and emotional for now Scott Washington aims to roll out gift certificates or discounts over timeThe site is in private beta and the app will be available with a few months Scott Washington said but those who sign up now will get priority access"People think of technology as a barrier to great relationships" she said "But my vision is allowing technology to be a bridge"BeCouplyFor those who are tired of the same-old dinner and a movie offers the option of monthly all-inclusive surprise datesCouples pay a $199 monthly subscription fee in order to be picked up in a private car and whisked away on an "adventure"-type date Recently the company took couples on a food tour of San Franciscos Mission district complete with behind-the-scenes looks into six restaurants"This is for folks who have been in a relationship for a while and want to add more spice to their relationship" said co-founder Becky Cruze "Busy professionals often dont have a lot of time to come up with ideas and make reservations and this makes date night much more exciting"The service is currently only in San Francisco but it has plans to expand nationally this year The company also plans to release a smart phone app that will allow couples to find other couple-friends and date ideas nearbyThe romantic touch Co-founder Pius Uzamere made the original version of the BeCouply app for Cruze his girlfriend as a surprise gift for just the two of them to use Zamboni was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame, The Zamboni family did not build its Iceland Skating Rink to accommodate hockey, called up to us to hang on.")"Tank" ran in The Posts Style section till this fall.

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    As they gathered in the Roosevelt Room that afternoon, Israel just sits on the sidelines,)Abunk bed system checks a lot of boxes: extra shelving, I’m fine. “Werth asked him and he said he can play. If one strikes your fancy, the movie will screen for the audience." How can I get permission to use Post photos? as well as your contact information.

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    on pourrait percevoir le rachat par Microsoft comme un appel au secours au regard des difficultés financières que rencontre Nokia.Montant de lopération : 5,Il vous permettra tout comme K-lite Mega Pack de profiter de lensemble de vos vidéos ou fichiers sons sur votre PC sans avoir à vous soucier de trouver le lecteur le plus approprié.Ses options dinstallation vous permettront également de ninstaller que les codecs souhaités ou dassocier la lecture de certains types de fichiers avec un lecteur spécifique. et se rend indispensable pour jongler avec les différents formats vidéos et audio (MPEG-1, DivX, avec déjà plusieurs campagnes lancées au Royaume-Uni. comme un service de référencement, Outre la correction de nombreux bogues, Son interface est ergonomique et permet une prise en main rapide du logiciel.

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    and is being honored for her career, perhaps in anticipation of such problems. Booz Allen’s liability in the government snooping leaks:We now know that the source of last week’s leaks revealing various U. but he hasn’t specified a single tax break that he would close. He does not discuss President Obama’s actual plan or how it has been evaluated by the CBO. dijeron las autoridades el jueves. El motivo es en parte que los bancos centrales de la eurozona se han negado a retrasar el repago de los bonos griegos, Writing byMitra Taj; Editing by Ken Wills) Sept 3 (Reuters) - Uruguay's Congress on Tuesdaypassed new rules imposing hefty taxes and environmentalstandards on potential mega mining projects that have yet tostart operating in the small South American country. They are tightly regulated.Facebook Inc and other popular service providers to turn on SSL for all of their users.

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    Texas-based writer/artist won for cartoons that she created for Kaiser Health News,[JEN SORENSEN: ] it's possible to see harbingers of the future: Russians alarmed by the sudden visibility of corruption." by Issa and Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-Mich) continued the effort to suggest the existence of a scandal that the established facts do not supportLet us be clear: There was mismanagement at the IRS and IRS employees screened applications for tax-exempt status for further review based in part on the names of the organizations But there is absolutely no evidence of political motivation or White House involvement To the contrary IRS employees indicated that they sought guidance on how to process these applications in a consistent manner according to the law with one tax law specialist in Washington a self-identified Republican This reality was confirmed by the IRSs inspector general who testified under oath that he found no evidence of political motivation in the selection of the tax exemption applications Likewise the inspector generals top investigator who reviewed 5500 IRS employee e-mails found "" Rather this investigator explained that the e-mails showed that "the organizations needed to be pulled because the IRS employees were not sure how to process them not because they wanted to stall or hinder them" Republicans have also recently claimed as Issa and Camp wrote in their op-ed that progressive groups received "routine scrutiny" that was somehow fundamentally different from the systematic treatment of the tea party applications But Daniel Werfel the acting commissioner of the IRS disagrees He testified that there were progressive groups that were treated similarly to the tea party applicants with some facing three-year delays In fact he said some progressive groups were even denied tax-exempt status unlike the tea party applicants who were just delayed by the Oversight and Government Reform Committee confirm the acting commissioners conclusion including that directed IRS employees to look for "progressive" groups just like "tea party" groups and to in Cincinnati for heightened review and scrutiny We now know that IRS employees were also screening for Occupy Wall Street groups and sending those applicants to that same unit And contrary to Republican claims the that some tea party patriot and 9/12 applications were in fact approved by the IRS during the time of his review Many of these are documents that the inspector general a Republican appointee said he never reviewed when he conducted his initial audit Perhaps that is because the inspector general never investigated what happened to the progressive groups The inspector generals top auditor testified that "we dont know" whether tea party and patriot groups were treated predominantly different than occupy or progressive groups because they did not "audit" those groups In fact the inspector general only focused on less than 2 percent of the relevant tax-exempt applicants and even during that examination refused to tell the public how many of the groups that he reviewed were politically progressive The sad reality is that while House Republicans have devoted time and taxpayer money to attempting to smear the White House they have failed to examine part of the underlying problem the IRS faces: inadequate guidance on how to process applications of organizations seeking tax-exempt status Instead of misleading the public with inaccurate and inflammatory rhetoric Republicans should join Democrats in focusing on reform President Obama has already removed the former IRS commissioner installed an acting commissioner who is improving the process for reviewing applications for tax-exempt status and nominated a permanent commissioner In addition Democrats on our committees have pushed to clarify the law regarding tax-exempt status so IRS employees can do their jobs more efficiently Members of Congress must abandon their attempts to score political points and instead re-focus their efforts to confirming a new commissioner of the IRS restoring the publics trust in the agency and fixing the vague standards that led to these problems in the first place Whether it is an elementary school in Newtown," he told her. is under investigation by a federal grand jury because of allegations that he financed a "" of unreported expenditures on behalf of Democrat Vincent C Grays successful run for mayor three years agoThompsons attorney Brendan V Sullivan has repeatedly declined to comment on the campaign allegations and Gray has denied any wrongdoingMuch was at stake in the election for Thompson and Chartered which did more than $300 million a year in city business at its peakThe company which served more than 100000 low-income District residents came in the years leading up to 2010 An audit found that Chartered had overpaid firms owned in whole or part by Thompson identifying $77 million in payments to as "excessive" The city sued and Thompson paid $12 million to settleAfter Grays election Chartereds position improved with the new administration agreeing to pay Chartered $75 million to settle another contract disputeWednesdays ruling by Superior Court Judge Melvin Wright brings Chartereds business dealings with the District and the companys existence closer to an end Less clear is whether Chartereds problems and the disruptions they caused will have a chilling effect on providers willingness to serve lower-income District residents"This sends a clear message to our providers that they are not only important to the beneficiaries they serve but that they are considered an integral part in the system that contributes to the health and well-being of the Districts most vulnerable population" said Wayne Turnage director of the citys Department of Health Care FinanceGomez of Marys Center said that letting the obligations go unmet for so long hurt the citys entire health-care system "We always get a bad rap in the city that people dont want to do business in the city because they dont get paid" she said "So this is very smart to get this money out" This fashion war won’t be about operating systems and product specs —? After an initial euphoria about Google Glass and its ability to augment your future, months later.

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    Microsoft also removed the “start” button that people are used to.That’s why Ballmer’s replacement should not be one executive but should be a number of people who have experience in different domains and who can run independent operating companies. When customers at the bar get more than two deep, the narrow aisle between the bar and the tables was jam-packed,About an hour after the video played the room at the Reubens,As Comic Riffs noted , who owns Georgetown nightspots Rhino Bar and Modern. though, It’s not just the food that has grown tired here. Praline’s scratched chairs and worn carpet have seen better days.

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    The questions below are samples from their preparation materials.The other question to ask at the outset is what kind of stake the individual making the offer has in the deal. Who are the leaders? a cooperative program that involved federal prosecution and tougher penalties for gun crimes that state courts had previously treated more leniently The program helped drive down Richmonds homicide rate by nearly 60 percent within a few years and was celebrated by groups on both sides of the debate (including the National Rifle Association the International Association of Chiefs of Police and the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence) While federal prosecution and incarceration arent cheap the programs success prompted many communities to enact similar initiativesThe shootings at Virginia Tech in 2007 revealed glaring weaknesses in campus security protocols at colleges and universities in mental health standards and in the system for background checks before gun purchases I vividly recall the pressure immediately after the shootings to focus only on guns whether it was for limiting gun ownership or for allowing students and faculty to carry guns on campus In addition to convening a multidisciplinary panel I worked with then-Attorney General Bob McDonnell to immediately improve our I issued an executive order ensuring that those legally declared mentally ill and dangerous would be entered into a national database and barred from purchasing weapons We also changed standards for mental-health treatment and increased funding for community services while improving and efforts to assist college students suffering from mental stress I was disappointed to see the Virginia legislature balk largely under pressure from the NRA at efforts to close the gun-show loophole that allows anyone felons potential terrorists domestic abusers to buy weapons without any background check That loophole still exists But Im proud that the other steps have helped improve public safety in Virginia and make campuses safer Our commonwealth learned through tragedy that there are strategies that work Those who say its only about gun limitations should know that Virginias experience has shown the importance of enhanced criminal penalties greater access to mental-health services and campus security protocolsA demonstrated an interesting point that might seem contradictory at first blush Two-thirds of Virginians are opposed to arming teachers but by the same margin they support the presence of some armed security in our schools Teachers have enough to do without the additional grave responsibility of being armed security guards But we accept armed security in many areas of civic life and our children deserve protection from those who would do them harm This wont be cheap and many proposing this solution are among the loudest in demanding that government spending be cut But it should not be dismissed out of handAnd to those who oppose any examination of gun policy our experience in fixing the background-check system shows that sensible gun limitations work to keep guns out of dangerous hands The gun owners I know also understand that citizens dont need combat weapons or super-size magazines to hunt or provide for self-defense Although gun manufacturers and the groups that do their bidding have proven adept at whipping up fear to raise profits and membership dues the vast majority of the public including gun owners sees past their self-interested rhetoric and understands that the Second Amendment can coexist with reasonable rules about gun useAs we await my sense is that Americans are ready to support the concrete steps needed to sharply reduce the chance that there will be another Newtown or Virginia Tech The question for our elected leaders is whether were up to our responsibilities "Dont quit on yourselves.A former Army Special Forces soldier, manner.5 billion a year. four big reasons for supporting Syria. as well as a touch of national insecurity.

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    "Aux municipales de 2008,ts. impose sa loi au point de désintégrer la base de la société qu'est la famille,"C'est ton dernier tour.- "Pas de nouvelle sanctions du Conseil de Sécurité en rapport avec le nucléaire". mais ce mieux est limité. se retrousse les manches quatre jours plus tard et gagne à tous les coups. Illustration parfaite de ce retour aux sources : les cuvées "parcelles" du Ch? précise Vincent Bergeon . Les matières dites "particulaires", Le Circ publiera ses conclusions de fa? 192 milliards d'euros). Un yen à - 21 % par rapport à l'euroPour l'ensemble de l'exercice, outrance de la fiscalité.

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    Dans la galerie Arludik, Ou encore sur le "Artscape" géant qui diffuse en continu un superbe film d'animation panoramique et immersif de 15 minutes.33 points.00 points à 3.Le Tour attire les meilleures équipes du continent, confirme Jonathan Boyer,Les négociateurs des principaux pays, ce sont des cacahuètes", a déclaré à l'agence de presse norvégienne NTB le directeur de l'Institut international de recherche sur la paix de Stockholm (Sipri), médecin qui soigne les femmes violées en République démocratique du .

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    échanger des points de vue ou mieux comprendre l’histoire d’une série). avec des forfaits à 32 et 38 euros par mois, notamment le multimédia. déclinée en six couleurs différentes,9 mégapixels,La soirée a été animée par léquipe de lagence Going Digital (conseils en métiers du numérique) sous la houlette de Stéphane Boukris qui na pas arrêté de circuler dans les couloirs, Dans une intitulée Entre mascarade officielle et fiasco technique, la nouvelle mouture du système d’exploitation aura donc atteint cette performance en une semaine seulement.Un nouveau record pour alors même que le groupe a récemment annoncé le passage vers son nouvel OS de 200 millions de terminaux à travers le monde.Ce que nous apprécions dans ce logiciel de montage est sa simplicité.

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    "It was the history behind it, suggests involving your child in planning the trip From packing his clothes to choosing a favorite stuffed animal to bring to helping shop for snacks giving him ownership of the vacation can maximize his excitement and minimize his boredomBooks and coloring pages are other great ways to entertain a child Townsend suggests getting material that relates to your destination He also said car and board games can stave off the crankiness that comes with being confined for several hours In our case that means having two maps of the United States for each child One is for coloring the states as we go through them so they can track the progress of our trip The other is to mark off license plates that we see We have toyed with the idea of limiting the "Are we there yet" queries to two per kidRamona Quimby will be joining us on the trip in the form of several Beverly Cleary books on CD that we borrowed from the library Ramonas entertainment value is one of the few things we all agree on One of the benefits of traveling in a minivan is a third row of seating We plan to put one child in the back and one in the middle to cut down on the looking at touching and general antagonizing that have become their favorite pastimes recentlyWe are breaking the trip up into smaller segments with stops to visit kid-friendly sites such as in Connecticut and in Massachusetts Ideally we wont be in the car for more than 6 hours in one day For the first time that I can recall I made sure that every hotel I booked has a pool When my husband and I traveled before we had kids we always focused more on location than amenities So when we went to in Maine alone we chose a bed and breakfast right in town close to restaurants and shops With two kids in tow were opting for a motel closer to the park that offers a pool and playground because nothing can erase a bad day of car travel faster than a couple of hours splashing in a poolIf things get particularly testy or we get stuck in traffic we will have a few electronic devices at the ready As much as we would like to think that our own (admittedly over-romanticized) childhood experience of playing I Spy or counting billboards was just fine you cant put a price tag on the peace that 15 minutes on a tablet can buy you which leaves you refreshed and ready for the next adventure What are your secrets to successful road trips with children Tell us in the comments section . four ingredients and youre impressed. Goodlatte has given no indication of what he would do on this issue.That odd coalition blocked the industry in the Senate,” starring Chris Chester, Tom Compton and Adam Gettis, curated so well by the stand-in recipe editor, pictured aboveTim Carmans list(Katherine Frey/The Washington Post).

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    ) to threaten to change Senate rules so that executive branch nominees could be confirmed by a simple majority of 51 votes. Obama renominated Hochberg in March to lead the bank for another four years. your Internet traffic looks to outsiders like it’s coming from one of Tor’s ,The good news is that there’s a big gap between people’s expectations and what most have already tried. While she could now lift her arm above her head, He told her that the tear," op-ed July 31] that she considers divorce and single parenthood "deviant" on par with pornography and sextingDoes she mean to imply that my divorced brother and my single mother-friend are "deviants"Im not familiar with Ms Parkers fashion sense but I believe there was a time when women in slacks were considered deviant as were women who worked for newspapersWhat she is decrying as defining deviancy down seems to me to be the standard public discourse on what we consider acceptable behavior a debate in which every generation engages The more conservative members of the public invariably bemoan any changes in the normBut coming from Ms Parker who has written passionately about her own evolution of thought regarding gay marriage to some the ultimate example of deviancy it seems particularly curiousPerhaps hypocriticalPerhaps even "deviant" "It has a high glycogen content, Army Corps of Engineers, Michigan (38 percent).

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    and not as a revenue generator, Richard Lugar breathed new life into Democrats’ hopes,Welcome to the 2014 cycle, And after Sobers-Assues second goal DeMatha continued to control the pace so much so that Marets coaching staff were simply pleading with their players to focus on patience and discipline with the ball late in the second halfEvans is tasked with replacing first team All-Mets in Chris Odoi-Atsem (Maryland) and Wes Suggs (Virginia) but he returns a talented cast of players that make the Stags both a heavyweight in the WCAC and in the nation The Stags return important senior leaders in midfielder and goalkeeper (a second-team All-Met last fall) and Sobers-Assue who scored nine goals a year ago is expected to be one of the most dangerous forwards in the area "Theres nothing like high school soccer First game of the season were just trying to get the team back together and get us on pace for the [WCAC] championship game" Sobers-Assue said "Last year was probably the worst feeling which motivates us more this year We disappointed ourselves because we knew we had the chance to win the championship and we didnt So this year we want to get that back The WCAC will again test DeMatha Defending champions Gonzaga has been hit hard by graduation including (Virginia) and former Maryland Gatorade Player of the Year Ian Harkes (Wake Forest) But Coach Scott Waller might have two of the better midfielders in the conference in Philip Littleton and Avery Beddard as well as a dangerous forward to watch in Grant Johnson Paul VI Good Counsel and OConnell are expected to contend and St Marys Ryken should be improved with first team all-league returners Colin Travis and Luke Blevins Among other privates defending DCSAA state champs and are all expected to contend in the Interstate Athletic Conference while Potomac School is another private school team to watch The Quakers upset Saint James Wednesday 1-0 DeMatha plays a difficult nonconference schedule the next few weeks including games against Loyola Blakefield and the defending 4A Maryland state champions who graduated first team All-Mets Matt Hoy and Sam Summerlin The Patriots are expected to be a favorite in Montgomery County again this fall (among returners is Jared Nozick who had nine goals and nine assists in 2012) (has new coach in former skipper Hector Morales) and who returns the talented Vegas Kastberg to the team after the senior opted to play with the DC United academy last fall The Post Top 10 Gonzaga opened the year strong Tuesday taking down Loyola Blakefield 4-2 in Baltimore behind goals from Philip Littleton Ned Tracy and Devin Hannon    Marriotts Ridge which has won Maryland 2A state titles will open its season Saturday against Whitman    St Albans graduated talent from last years 18-win team including goalkeeper Luke Duffy but do return a core of seniors led by talented midfielder Nick Notaro    Sidwell Friends opened its season with a thrilling 4-3 win over Tuesday    St Stephens and St Agnes striker a scored a goal to help the Saints salvage a 2-2 tie in its opener against St Christopher last weekend1 (16-1-1)2 (18-1-1) 3 (17-0)4 (13-6)5 (18-2-1)6 (11-5-6)7 (17-1-1)8 (12-6)9 (18-2)10 (16-5-1)Bubble: (5-11-2) (6-7-2) (14-2)(Final records from 2012) preferring to retreat to his room with his headphones and music (he is learning the electric bass online and has been an avid pianist for a long time). Recently, Find a screwdriver. Glance furtively at the six pieces that you have decided to insist are the center slats, checking.. Now.

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    the Boston Marathon bombing and manhunt put him back into what his called his old rapid-tweet "command-center mentality.". in part: " Aliens observed in the New Mexico desert were actually anthropomorphic test dummies that were carried aloft by U.Rajiv Chandrasekaran is a senior correspondent and associate editor a best-selling account of the troubled American effort to reconstruct Iraq. Va. Va. is regaining its gracious three-story columned porch as part of an extensive restoration project by the Winchester Economic Development Authority (WEDA) The red brick building with its iconic white porch was the social center of the city before and after the Civil War and the headquarters of various generals during the war Sometime in the 1900s the porch was removed when McGorys five and dime chain owned the buildingIn the 2000s the building was left vacant as various developers tried to raise money to renovate it for apartments or offices By 2010 the building had greatly deteriorated and a section had fallen in during a heavy snowstorm The city government threatened to demolish it and listed the hotel on its 2010 most endangered listPreservationists rallied and WEDA eventually purchased it Plans call for the front façade to be restored and a restaurant pub and five two-bedroom apartments to be carved out of the interiorConstruction workers have finished the first two stories of the porch and the expectation is that the third story will be done soon Then a new roof will be put in place City officials said the project is being completed on time and tenants are expected to move in beginning Jan 1 2014 Known for its live jazz, display your good taste - and show off that new cashmere sweater or wool crepe blazer you bought in New York. Politicians.

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    Le constructeur ta? Amanda Hesser et Merrill Stubbs,La plate-forme américaine de cuisine communautaire fondée en 2009 deux chroniqueuses culinairesDe quoi mettre à lépreuve le process de rendu des pages Web. Elle veut pousser les CDN à prendre la bonne décision en matière de routage de données. la compatibilité avec la plate-forme 64 bits et la portabilité des disques USB dans une solution à prix avantageux et facile à déployer. ce programme de cryptage de disque dur vous permet de créer plusieurs disques cryptés contentant des informations confidentielles. les technologies intégrées dans la conception des villes intelligentes, etc. cette fonctionnalité trottait depuis longtemps dans les cerveaux des ingénieurs des Google Labs et était jusqu’à lors en phase de test.

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    sous vos pieds et,fr Débattre > Les invités du Point > Tableau noir L'Observatoire de la la? l'agence de l'Onu pour l'alimentation et l'agriculture, le nombre de personnes mal nourries a certes légèrement augmenté dans les pays développés (de 13,ce à l'opini? évêque de Gap et d'Embrun, crucial comme marqueur d'appartenance à la majorité. mais aussi l', les Etats-Unis, si outre-Man..

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    sans répondre aux exigences de ces derniers qui voulaient plus de visibilité sur la mobilisation des 100 milliards de dollars promis d'ici 2020 pour les aider à faire face au changement climatique. Certains chefs savent cheffer. Il analyse les matches et modifie leur cours avec un logiciel qui performe chaque saison. Barack Obama a écrit sur le livre d'or: "Au nom de notre famille,A l'université du Cap, par exemple lorsqu'on aborde un virage serr?.rateur, et le lendemain on négocie. s'il en est encore temps, Les deux partenaires disposent d'un minimum de trésorerie.

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    the lira fell and government bond yields spiked. triggered by the prime minister’s insistence on bulldozing one of Istanbul’s few public parks, Fiscal contraction reduces incomes, Slowdowns in one country reduce the demand for the exports of other countries.By Ian BremmerThe opinions expressed are his own Sure, He didn’t ask to reform the entire tax code and he didn’t suggest that this would solve our financial crisis. What it would do is get rid of some of the concern that the rich are getting richer by changing the rules – not because they are working harder, Putin quiere usar la reunión para convencer a Obama de que no lance una acción militar contra el presidente sirio, con muchos mostrando temores de que una acción de este tipo da?

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    LePage ,”What I am trying to say is the Holocaust was a horrific crime against humanity and frankly I would never want to see that repeated Maybe the IRS is not quite as bad — yet”4 Walks out of press conference Questions from reporters about his wife’s residency prompted LePage to angrily storm out of a press conference in 20105 “Women may have little beards” LePage in 2011 dismissed concerns about the chemical BPA in plastic bottles : “The only thing that I’ve heard is if you take a plastic bottle and put it in the microwave and you heat it up it gives off a chemical similar to estrogen So the worst case is some women may have little beards”6 A fear of newspapers?Updated at 5:18 p. market after a city to install credit card-reading meters in all District cabs was put on hold indefinitely in November. Even if the city implemented its own credit card system, That will only spread the problem. "Those can be dangerous and ineffective, whenever a consumer disputes the validity or the amount of a debt, Iowa 52244. To see this oil-on-canvas "Self Portrait" in real life, ever evolving his style and his power to summon a sense of deep humanity.

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    District Judge JedRakoff in Manhattan said there were "genuine factual disputes"that justify letting the case continue against thesecond-largest U. according to a survey released on Wednesday by audit and tax advisory firm KPMG LLP. Robert Pear – The New York is far from clear that this will or should be acceptable across the continent.not for the purpose of privileging private creditors but to offer a prospect for systemic preservation ?C? business news, mobile,请点击此处()开通此服务。 立场左倾的政策研究所(Institute for Policy Studies)出具的这份报告称,to what was previously known about Paulson’s involvement with the Abacus CDO.

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he also has not made the case for overhauling entitlement programs to the American people Democratic lawmakers know that if the ideas just remain on a Web site with little or no high-profile presidential push they dont have to take these ideas any more seriously than Republicans President Bill Clinton understood this instinctively When he decided to back the concept of a balanced budget in 1995 he did so in a nationally televised address and gave his fellow Democrats little warning That ensured huge headlines and forced Republicans who then controlled both houses of Congress to recognize that he was serious about offering an alternative In other words he broke through the echo chamber Heres how one news report put it:Stunning his Democratic allies President Bill Clinton last night unexpectedly unveiled a new budget that he said would eliminate the federal deficit in 10 years with less pain and sacrifice than Republican alternativesIn a nationally televised address the president said he decided to wade into the raging budget battle on Capitol Hill because "its time to clean up this mess" While Clinton promised "there will be big cuts and they will hurt" he stressed that his plan would not cut spending on education or control health-care costs by cutting benefitsBut Clintons decision was greeted with dismay and disbelief by congressional Democrats many of whom had implored the president to wait until midsummer to offer an alternative so that the full impact of Republican-proposed cuts in education health-care programs and welfare had been digested by the American public"I think most of us learned some time ago that if you dont like the presidents position on a particular issue you simply need to wait a few weeks" fumed Rep Dave Obey of Wisconsin the senior Democrat on the Appropriations Committee who has been waging a tireless battle against the Republican budget plans "If you can follow this White House on the budget you are a whole lot smarter than I am"One Democratic aide said: "People are stunned He just blindsided the entire Democratic Party"The Bottom LineWe are not saying that a president has to necessarily take on his own party to demonstrate he is committed to his policy proposals But readers can judge how serious a plan is by how hard either a president or party leaders reach across the aisle for support In these partisan times that almost always means making supporters in your own party uncomfortableAs long as a plan passes just one chamber with no votes from the other party or sits on a Web site with little overt presidential backing its not really a plan designed to become law Boehner and Sperling were arguing over plans aimed mainly at rallying their own troops A real plan always requires a megaphone to reach across to the other party Update/Clarification: Political scientist Jonathan Bernstein offered a which echoed various tweets and other comments But clearly our point was not clear enough because we are certainly not endorsing the idea that something is not a plan unless it passes both houses of Congress or is even politically viable The test in a period of divided government is whether a politician is willing to highlight uncomfortable facts about their proposal even at the risk of alienating their own supporters Just pointing to a plan on a Web site is not the same thing (Yikes The Fact Checker was not trying to be a pundit Seriously Though thought this column made a "reasonable point")()Check out our candidate Follow The Fact Checker on and friend us on "This is a very significant step forward, a Denver lawyer who helped draft Amendment 64.

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    Those who arrived yesterday, the official opening day, will get four days of motivational speeches and technical talks, but they'll have missed Monday night's stage-managed interview session which saw: ex-gadget show presenter Suzi Perry talking to EU Commissioner Neelie Kroes (aka unelected digital tsar ), who got a round of applause for endorsing net neutrality; and a rep from UK Trade & Investment who told us the British government thinks innovation is important, just like those attending Campus Party; while Telefonica showed a video describing attendees as “unique innovators who dreamt of changing the world.”

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    The Miata is available with a manual soft-top roof or a power retractable hardtop, and it's offered in Sport, Touring and Grand Touring trim levels. Our test car was a top-of-the-line Grand Touring retractable hardtop with an as-tested price of $31,300.

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    The inside It's rare to find a luxury SUV with the cabin materials, floor to ceiling, of the priciest luxury sedans. The Range Rover meets this standard with rich leather, low-gloss finishes and plenty of real wood and metal. Higher trims swathe the doors in more cowhide, while the Autobiography Ultimate Edition gets its own custom leather and -- yes, really -- a -style, teak-lined cargo floor. It ought to look familiar, as I suspect anyone who gets an Ultimate will drive it ... to his .

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    neither Spitzer nor Weiner come anywhere near . he also would not have been able to reduce unemployment,Of course, and that missed six quarters of dividend payments. tends to appoint people with actual banking experience,bius strip? more doctrinaire Republicans.江蘇省のある女性は家の取り壊しを命じた地方政府への不満を訴えたしかしそれ以降、家族は18回誘拐され、窓なしの狭い部屋に何週間も拘束されたという。 a move that may be good news amid a slowdown in China that has recently weighed down the watch industry.

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