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    • From the very first aggressive skate in 1995, first and foremost,  Razors built its legend based on the ideas of strength and durability, the SL Aragon 4 raises the bar, taking these attributes to dramatic, new heights. Read more »

    • Razors Aragon 3 Red

      Brian Aragon and Razors are excited to introduce the Red Aragon skate. It’s a limited edition of the popular Aragon 3 and comes with red backslide plates, buckles and laces. Read more »

      • Black Jack
      • Hedonskate - Aggressive Blades
    • Buty Jug Aragon

      Skate superstar Brian Aragon got awarded his own signature shoe from his shoe and liner sponsor Jug Footwear. The shoe is made of high end action leather and loaded with details and features: Read more »

    • Razors SL Brian Aragon 3

      The Aragon 3 is the third skate of Razors’ groundbreaking Superlight skate generation and comes with a host of new details and features: 2 cross beams in the backslide plate area significantly increase support and control. A new developed PU heel pad underneath the liner is ergonomically designed and dissipates any shock when slamming your foot down. An additional 6th eyelet hole allows further tightening of the skate and prevents any movement within the skate. The Aragon 3 comes with Jug’s SL liner which was specifically developed for Brian’s skate. An important new feature is a silicon grip pattern in the back which sticks to the inside wall effectively preventing slipping and shifting of the liner. Additional improvements are a more articulated ankle shape with extra high density foam to lock your foot in, a new high performance insole made of high end Polyurethane plus gel pad and a 4-point lacing system for fast entry and tight fit. Read more »

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