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    • Introduce yourself, what are you currently up to besides rollerblading?
      I’m Coco Sanchez and I just got back from doing shows all summer in Ohio. Right now I’m in the process of getting a place down in southern California. That’s pretty self explanatory but I am just getting the basics of being on my own and figuring out the most important part of my life out, me.

      How did you get into skating, are you into anything else (like Kaya Turski and freestyle skis)?
      My older brother got me into the scene. I started traveling around the country with my dad and some of the atl crew finding contest and getting our names out. Besides skating is when I concentrate on myself, family and friends. This winter I plan on being in the snow. I have not tried the skis yet, snowboarding is more my thing. Although this winter Ill give skiing a try. Read more »

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