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    • 1. You started skating in the age of 21. How did it happen that you got into it in such age. Did you asked yourself a standard question: Am I too old to start this?

      Yes I started to rollerskate at 21, but I had always loved extreme sports. As a kid I was wood pusher for many years, which made the transition to rollerblading much easier because many of the tricks are similar.

      My friend and I started aggressive skating because it seemed interesting and no one else was doing it. We did gaps tried to grind small things we just cruised around and had fun.

      No, I wasn´t  thinking about that, it was too fun but the thought was crossing my mind later on many times. After a while many people were quitting the sport and we didn´t have any skateparks. Also, the weather in Sweden dose not permit you to skate that long. During a 2-3 yr. period we had to travel to other cities to skate parks, sometimes 4 hours away. Read more »

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