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    • Another Winter, another few months without real skating – just like every year the dull December-Feb-Jan period left me with nothing less than an incredible urge to attend this one special event which boosts me again up for the whole year – the annual meeting of rollerbladers called a Clash... or better known as WINTERCLASH!     Read more »

    • Winterclash 2012

      The Winterclash 2012 tickets did now arrive in the shops! After only a few days more than half of the tickets are already sold and we are surprised and happy about the strong support of our visitors. Thanks to everybody! Read more »

      • Hedonskate - Aggressive Blades
      • Black Jack
    • Crash test at the Winterclash?

      • Author: Basza
      • Category: Others

      Five people standing around a bowl, drinking a cup of beer, who finishes first, drops in first… Five people inside a bowl at the same time and the winner is the “Last Man Standing”.

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    • Are you going for Winterclash??

      • Author: Basza
      • Category: Others

      Rollerblading event of the year – Winterclash 2011 is getting closer! Nothing else can give You a boost for the upcoming season like participating in the biggest gathering of bladers like this. This year's edition will take place in Holland and it's form will resemble the first Winterclashes. No 'outside” publicity, no random people, no platforms for the crowd – You will be in the center, close to the action! crew prepared short edit, recorded in Warsaw, during PRL finals just to know who is planning to take part in Winterclash 2011!! Enjoy! Read more »

    • Winterclash 2011 update#1 - Ticket Pre-Sale

      The Winterclash 2011 Ticket Pre-Sale just started.

      This ticket is your personal access to the 7th Winterclash.
      Rollerblading at its best, video premieres, tradeshow, fun competitions and unforgettable good times with the friends from far away. Read more »

    • Winterclash 2010 - Overview

      As it often happens, previously prepared plans tend to change unexpectedly. Originally, together with Basza and Kuba Urbańczyk, we wanted to release the Winterclash 2010 story as soon as possible, yet whole coverage, edits, comments and discussions around the biggest rollerblading event of the year, made us re-think some factors and led to conclusions which we want to share. Read more »

    • Rollerbladers of Poland - Why shouldn`t miss it?

      Few short questions from Jojo Jacobi to polish riders about WC2010. Read and find out why you shouldn`t miss it! Read more »