TheHive 2010

Some of you can remember the first steps of TheHive brand back in 2006. Back than Mateusz Kowalski came up with an idea of a clothing brand that would produce distinguished stuff, which stands out from the common, boring cuts and designs of most skate companies out there.

The first collection was introduced by DVD entitled HIVE and a Longsleeves. Now, in 2010 two people motivated to take things in their our hands, want to bring something new to polish inline scene – the revival of TheHive. Mateusz Kowalski (Hedonskate, Valo, Vicious) together with Krzysztof Dziuba (Intruz, Nimh) proudly present fresh line of four new Tees.

So far, the Hive team will consists of Mateusz Kowalski, Krzysztof Dziuba, Arthur Novikow from Ukraine and few more people who will get some support. The graphics were designed by Łukasz Gawron (Monstfur), and the owners would like to thank him for constant help.

Our aim for 2010 is to produce two more lines including pants and cardigans and of course the sequel of Hive DVD. We hope to get everything well together, and to surprise You with high quality products. Check the Hiveblog and Facebook for updates (webiste will be launched soon).

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