Baltic Games 2010 - Finals

Cards are on the table, finest and most unique group of skaters made it to the finals to entertain the crowd and give them a show I will remeber as baltic games 2010. Stakes were high right from the beginnig.

Nils Jansons (Lv) was just hammering the street course with huge tricks. (fakie 1080, topsoul to the high bar and tricks to show he belongs to hedon pro team)
Piotrek was going so smooth and big it was pure pleasure watching him land trick after trick not taking any falls. Kojot Impressed by beatiful corkscrews and stylish spins flowing around the course. Shoving the crowd in finals that you are here for business wasn't easy task to any skater, Lucas from wroclaw started with a bang and didn't give up despite few falls, trick that pulled my attention to this guy was fluent fakie 720 bio.

Julien Cudot from France fell on a crazy 450 back royale attempt on the monster rail, unfortunately he hit his knee and jaw with the price that he couldn't continue. His fellow friend Diego from Switzerland had better luck and did go all in. Huge tricks of all variation, grinds, spins, lines all executed with 'go hard or go home' attitude.
To mention one, fakie fullcab savannah on the rail was one of todays craziest grinds.

Most original skating and fluent lines offered Lucas. And this guy know how to make skating look beautiful. Only weapon this guy needed was his Xsjados and perspective.

Last but not least I have to mention Tomas with purple helmet and rollerblades on fire. Obviously knows what fighting to the last breath means. Lines packed with speed, big jumps and original lines really stood up today and the Baltic Games crowd shoved their love cheering for the skaters all the way trough finals.

Best trick contest was insane. Skaters knew this is the last chance to show what they have for Baltic Games 2010. So big tricks that not doing them wasn`t the mission but landing. Nils went for a stall that got Bmx rider to hospital day before. And Diego shoved that there's no rail to scare this man.

My expression off the Baltic games was so good that I'm not only coming back next year.
I'm coming back with my homies. And hope to see you all here year.

See the pictures, check the edits and you know WHY!

Photos: Piotr Głodzik