Razors Cult White

Razors' Cult skate is one of the most tested and proven skates in the industry. The Cult Street comes with a wide soul frame for easy locking on and is made of a fiberglass reinforced Nylon material for fast grinding speeds.


A replaceable, pre-grooved backslide plate protects the boot where it needs it most and gives you perfect control in royals and backslides. The frame is literally indestructible and the liner comes with an articulated ankle shape which provides comfort and support.

The Cult Street is highly compatible and all parts are replaceable and can be easily exchanged when worn or upgraded to products from specialty brands. These features make this skate the perfect skate for beginners and expert skaters.


  • Replaceable soul frame
  • Perfectly grooved backslide
  • Sturdy Razors frame
  • Perfectly aligned groove
  • Comfortable Razors liner with articulated ankle shape
  • Razors 56mm/90A
  • 42 mm anti-rocker wheels with aluminum spacers