Basza interview

Szymon: Hello Basza. Aonther month and another interview on INMAG.PL. Do you know why You were choosen this time?

Basza: To be honest – No. I thought that next interviewed person will be Petmen or someone from Hedonskate main team.

Szymon: There were many: you are the guy who partcicipates in almost every single rolling event here in Poland, you are active user on most important msg boards, you are the first who is putting the skates on and the last one who takes them off, you like to party a lot, you are the co-owner of clothing company, you can reconcile your teacher`s work at school together with your skating and you put a lot of effort to promote your local scene in Jarosław. So as you can see there are lot of reasons, but the is one point which interests us the most – JFC video. Whats JFC anyway? 

    Basza: JFC Video - Possessed is something I wanted to do in a long time. Althought I`ve been filming and editing for years now, some of my work was published but the great majority of it is just for me and my friends, something which we will watch in a few years and recall the good, old times. Possessed DVD is the first full movie which I deicided to show to wider range of people. 

Szymon: JFC stands for Jarosław Fuckin City – why and what for? 

Basza: Hehe, this name was the idea of Dziub and Madio. Two very characteristic skaters from Jarosław, who started skating at times when nobody else were willing to do it, the only skaters then were me and Yogurt. During warm, june afternoon (2001) we had some chill-rail session with Yog when those two guys came and asked if they can join us. I didn`t think they will take it seriously, but since then out true friendship started, endless sessions etc. Somewhere in that time I got the first KFC video which was huge influence for Dziub and Madio, and I guess that’s why they started to call our crew JFC – at the beginning I thought it was lame but with time we accepted it. In next few years some other like Josh, Neo and finally Kosti joined us. We have spent so much time with each other on skating, trips, party`s. I think that everyone who has ever visited us noticed that Jarosław is very specific place – small town, where you can go everywhere by foot, always spend time in a group, after skating always a dinner at Dziub`s house, chill etc. I`m sure that all these years will be the time I will remember forever. Its just the time of my life.  

    Szymon: How was collecting clips to your movie? Lets take the parts which is not your profile for now.

Basza: I really wanted to have full Yogurt Profile in that video – edited with his idea, with his music and in a way he would enjoy it. Unfortunatelly, during this year our trips somehow didn`t match. Most his clips were used to ‘promotial’ purpouses, and in October he left to England for some time. But in this year I will do everything to fix it and you can expect his section for sure. As for the rest of our guys, the lack of money usually prevented them from traveling a lot so their tricks were filmed at our sk8park, Jarosław, Rzeszów and Lubaczów. However such sessions are those which I remember the best – getting up early at 10 AM, meeting at Yog`s house, warm-up at the park, visiting some nearby city to get some clips, then relaxing at the lake followed by some party – just typical summer day, that’s how work on Possessed was done.

Szymon: I know that you have a vast collection of rolling vids and spend much time on watching them. Do you have any favourite one? Is there any which influenced the overlook of JFC flick?
      Basza: Yeah that`s right. I can spent hours and hours on watching them. All this passion started when I was living in US. Sometimes I worked 12 h/7 days a week and only movies keep me with skating. After work almost everyday I went skate about 10 pm even for an hour, then grab sth to eat, watch some movie and totally exhausted went to sleep. I bought them almost every week, there were very cheap..For this day my favourite is ‘Under The Influence’ – all productions from Drew Bachrach in general were most enjoyable for me – amazing soundtrack and this cool vibe, when I was watching it for the first time I was really proud to be rollerbalder.

Szymon: Each section in your movie starts with some TV set scene – where did you get this idea? 

Basza: Well, once upon a time a small TV of Dziub just didn`t survive another night Tekken session and just went dead. Dziub wanted to destroy it immediately but we thought that it will be good to record it and use these scenes in our movie. We had really good time when filming for those scenes.

Szymon: Music. One of the many factors which deicide about the popularity of the movie. How did you choose the songs for each section? Something directed you or you just use your own preference? 

Basza: I spent much time on choosing the right tracks – I wanted it to be perfect. For me music in skating video is sometimes more important that the tricks itself. It`s obvious that in some way I used my own preferences – I love oldschool rock – that’s way Kult and Wanda I Banda were choosen, I like David Bowie so - glam rock etc. 

Szymon: JFC is the typical crew of few friends. Do someone helped you in editing, filming or you just invited them for the premiere? 

Basza: I edited it by myslef, the scenes with TV were done with help of Dziub and Yog, Josh done some filming as well as Kojot and Koval. I carefully selected who is going to film. You can laugh but to do the trick is only a 40 % of success. Filming it properly is the art. I hate when I kill myslef for one stupid clip and then watch some wasted footage. 
Szymon: I don`t know how it was with others, but I was expecting for this movie like for antything else. I knew it will be the underground production, with great atmosphere, and I `m not dissapointed at all. You did a awesome job. I`m sure that it was seen by many people for now, how was the attitudes towards it? 

Basza: By reading all comments and messages I guess the film make quite good impression and I`m stoked. 

    Szymon: Your profile is collection of clips from pretty long time. I saw some tricks recorded not in Poland too. What can you say about the whole process? 

Basza: I collected the clips almost for one year. I guess all trips in 2006 were subordinated to film clips. I tried to travel whenever I could 2-3 times a month to get something. Most of the time I knew what and where I wanted to do so it was more like a plan – sometimes I did it, sometimes not. I enjoyed the trips to Kojot the most – whole week sessions without parties, only rolling, 2-3 people at the spot, calm and full juice.

Szymon: What part (time) of making the JFC video you liked the most? 

Basza: It was week at Chrewt of course – no skating and doing nothing – relax, chill, lake, boat, sun etc. I think such trip is necessary in the end – you can watch it in the JFC PART 2 Section. Besides it I will never forget the Hungary trip, comp at the Balaton and few days in Budapest. I have no idea why nobody posted any edit from that event (in my movie I used only few light clips from first two spots). The Final at the two drop ledges left the mark in my head for good – the battle Honza vs Toshi vs Yogurt was amazing!  

Szymon: I have some more questions about JFc video, but there are others from crew who want to ask you something. Adam Żurawiecki will be the first, he has been making videos for many years now and he was moved by some elements in your flick. 

Basza: Go ahead Adam!

Adam: There are sections were some clips were recorded in some kind of order and seemed to be planned earlier. I mean those clips were there are few people skating at one time. Did you do it just like that or it was really planned? How many attempts? Did you have a lot of fun doing it in that way? I think that the final result is stunning and it really distinguish the movie. It shows that you all have great attitude for what you are doing and can benefit from it like whaaaat. In my opinion it is something which is lacking in most of today`s videos. SK8park parts were those which I enjoyed the most – tell us something about them!

Basza: Originally the whole JFC Part 1 was planned to look in that way. But after recording 6-7 sequences it turned out to look very similar and boring so to the final version of this section I used only few of them just to show the idea. Each of this sequence was attempted maybe 4 or 5 times – I don`t remember – it was hard and annoying sometimes especially when the last guy bailed – but we had lots of laughts and I guess it`s most important. I would love to make such section on street. So far we find two spots which can be used for it. When spring comes we will see what can be done. This idea is not mine, just check some old VG`s and see how Tj Webber and others did such group- lines, it`s a blast!

Szymon: Well, let`s leave Possessed. It`s time for your personal details and life – vs. Basza.

Szymon: I know that you were asked this question several times but I hope that you will tell it again. How do you cope with working full-time as a teacher and skating? How are your students, who mostly are in the age of some members at JFC, who you skate with everyday? 

Basza: Hmm, ok. let`s go. At school I`m little different than you know me, it`s obvious. Work is work, so far I can`t pay my bills from my skating and I have to live somehow. Going there I wear my ‘mask’, it`s hard to explain but that`s the way it is. I try to have distance for it but sometimes I have to be strict, you all probably know how it is with younger teachers at high school. I really appriciate my work-friends. All of the teachers know what I`m doing after school and they like it, so I have huge respect for them. People at the directorate let me to travell a lot and that’s cool too. I`m trying not to be at close-relations with my students but I guess we have pretty good contact anyway. Younger JFC guys even that they are at the same age like my students are really different. Thanks to skating and all which is connected to it (travelling, self-reliance, independence) and the fact that for most time they are around much older people, they are influenced in a good way. 

  Szymon: Have it happened that you taught someone you had known earlier? 

Basza: Unfortunatelly yes.. why ?You don`t know how hard it is to grade someone like this in front of rest of the class, no matter how fair I`m trying to be there always is someone who says: ‘he got B because he knows him etc.’

Szymon: The rollerblading market is getting bigger all the time. There are a lot of companies which gains supporters and opponents. I know that you are crazy about Valo. Why? 

Basza: Hmm I could skate in everything, saying that this skates is better than the other one, this one has smaller souls , this one is not comfortable etc is simply bullshit. But Valo has this whole vibe and hype around which I love. First of all Jon Julio – who can be better and know more about rolling if not him. Secondly, Eric Bailey – since I saw his single tricks in old videos, early net edits and finally since the Them Apples he is the skater who I can watch endlessly – he is number one at that’s it. I have a pleasure to meet him in person, spend some time and skate with him and he turned out to be very down to earth guy. Lets take it further – I don’t know how it happened but all my favourite skaters one by one are added to the Valo team – Ryan Northway, Eric Schrijn, Trex and so on..I have been skating Razors for 4 years (since Shima 1) and with time the policy of this company started to piss me off, they dropped all guys who I liked and started to sponsor ‘new young’ talents. Now besides Shima, Kojot and Koval there are nobody who I really enjoy watching in the Razors Team. The other cons of Razors was the price of parts. I had to replace soulplates three times a year, liners two times each season. With Valo I no longer have such problem, in April it will be a year when I`m skating in TV1 LE, and besides wheels and frame, I didn`t have to replace anything! Did I mention Eric Bailey???

Szymon: Another standard question. You have been to many comps and trips. Which of them is the most memoriable? 

Basza: Uff, for sure there were plenty of it so maybe I`ll focus only on last year. As I said before, the Hungarian trip was a blast. Perfect spots, very friendly locals, good parties and unforgetable travell in small Madej`s car with 4 other people + tons of bags – no place even for a matchbox, stops at every gas station for drinks, getting losts at Budapest etc. I hope to visit that place more. And of course the Hedon Poland tour in 2005 was something to remember – I waited for such thing since I watched Hoax – every morning in a new place, new faces, new experiences. Every roller should do such trip. 

Szymon: Since we have met each other, you seem to follow all the news and gosspis of rolling world. Who in your opinion has now the biggest influence on us rollerbladers and what was the turning point? 

Basza: Who has the bigger influence than the skaters themselves who are at the top of the game right now, who are bringing something new with their skating or image? It was that way since the beginning. Do you remember the Stretch crew of USD – Julio, Spizer, Petty, Latimer, Gillian, Champion etc it was them who set standards in that times. Now we have Haffey, Farmer or Bailey it`s the same. I see it in that way. As far as the important turning point for rollerbalding is considered I would say it was time when Europe started to get expousure and people from here started to take actions. Just look how many Pros there are now form Europe with their pro frames, wheels, boots etc. Comps and events are organised here regulary, Barcelona has become the new California where every single roller wants to go. Europe also is much more distinguish than US and all these influenced can be clearly seen. 

Szymon: I was the witness of your two rolling-knowledge batlle with Olej. How was it? 

Basza: Ehhh there is no other like Olej when it comes to talk about rollerblading. Such ‘batlle’ are common thing almost everytime we meet, but the first two which you witnessed were the best. I lost back then, because I was to drunk anyway and failed with the question about some Jethro pants or sth.

Szymon: Lots of your non rolling friends know the names and what is more can recognize some tricks. How did it happen? 

Basza: Hehe, every time when we meet to get wasted at my place I`m showing them movies etc besides it`s impossible to be with me for 20 min and not talk about rolling. Other than that all of my friends has its own hobby and we used to talk about it many times, I have taken them and taught how to skate too, many bails but so much fun for them. 
Szymon: Each year Poland gets more expousure in Europe. What do you think we still need to work on? DO you think we are heading into good direction? 

Basza: I already answer the question few lines above. I think that everything is going well with Poland and Europe in general. It is here where the biggest events are taking place – Imyta and Winterclash. I guess Europe is the mother of all trends now and here rollerblading is getting more and more popular. When you look at US now, some may say that it is dying there and it is really sad, Pro Riders don’t get paid enough to live, just read the interview with Sagona and Broskow in new issue of ONE..

Adam: Do you think that style, image and attitude to skating which is presented by western Europe and US is something which will come to us (Poland) as a new fresh idea and will influence us? Or is it still to early for us, the pretty much young participants of western culture? 

Basza: I think that you have answered for this question already. In rollerblading like in every aspect of life the change is the key. Its obvious that the one who doesn`t move forward, will stay behind. The change introduced by western Europe and US will come to us eventually I guess but it will take time. It can be clearly noticed that here the hh trend is now flourishing (when in some other places it`s not so popular anymore) and most younger kids tries to follow it, saying shit on things like Road to Nowhere or Meantime or just to not go so far on last Koval Promo Elliot 3 edit. Comments which could be found there are no different that those which appeared two years ago on bemag forum when Farmer started to skate in tight pants. It’s the same, people just need more time here to accept it. 

Adam: As a last question I want to ask about INFINITY. How does it work, what are the plans for the future? 

Basza: Your own rolling oriented company is one way to stay involved with this sport, at the moment when I won`t be able to skate anymore (but I`m sure it won`t happen in near future). The beginnigs of INFINITY were hard, but it is already 5 years and I think that we had some small input into developing in skating here in Poland. In this year we will change the team a little, and launch new website which will be much easier to update. At last we wanto to do some pants and jackets for spring. Infinity is my priority right now and we will try to improve it all the time. I want to thank all of Team riders for their help in promoting and all supporters who are buying out products!

Questions: Szymon, Adam Edit: Basza Photo: Dziub Translate: Basza