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    • SUPER SOUL a heroic competition / 30th of april 20

      For the first time ever the Heizhaus Leipzig hosts a rollerblading contest on the 30th of april 2011. The event is the 1st stop of the World Rolling Series 2011 in Germany. The main focus of the contest is to deliever the german rollerblading scene a memorable event and to welcome rollerbladers from all over the world.
      The SUPER SOUL consist of an amateuer- / professional rollerblading street  competition in an ordered set contest format and an Old School Hip Hop Aftershow-Party. It also includes a riders sleeping camp for everyone who likes to stay the night. The sleeping camp is in a separat part of the event location ( The sleeping camp fees per night is 7,50€, including a breakfast. So we give everyone the chance to spend the night(s) in Leipzig. One reasion to stay the night is the aftershow-party with one of the most established old school hip hop female Djs in Leipzig: „Deejane Yo-c“ She is followed by the „Urban Utans“ and „Pau L.D. / Paul Balzer“ Read more »

    • Winterclash 2011 update#1 - Ticket Pre-Sale

      The Winterclash 2011 Ticket Pre-Sale just started.

      This ticket is your personal access to the 7th Winterclash.
      Rollerblading at its best, video premieres, tradeshow, fun competitions and unforgettable good times with the friends from far away. Read more »

      • Black Jack
      • Hedonskate - Aggressive Blades
    • Polish Rolling League 2010 Final

      The final round of Polish Rolling League will take place in Warsaw, on the 11th of December. We invite everybody for a contest connected with Valo4life premiere and loaud afterparty with Thehive 2 premiere!! More details can be found at Read more »

    • Razors Aragon 4

      From the very first aggressive skate in 1995, first and foremost,  Razors built its legend based on the ideas of strength and durability, the SL Aragon 4 raises the bar, taking these attributes to dramatic, new heights. Read more »

    • Grindhouse Miniramp Masters - Berlin

      Grindhouse Miniramp Masters finals and European Championship Halfpipe finals at YOU Messe in Berlin.

      Make sure to join Europe's biggest Spine competition in two weeks (October 1st to 3rd) in Berlin. The event is part of the YOU-tradeshow (Europe's biggest youth tradeshow). Expect some big prizes and prize money (3000 EUR).

      Riders from all over Europe already confirmed their attendance. So join the shred party in Berlin and sign in for the comp here. ( Read more »

    • Silesiana Skate Show Inline Part II

      The Bytom contest will be the second event during Hedonskate Silesia Tour. The contest will be included in PRL ranking. Read more »

    • Grindhouse Mini Ramp Masters

      Rollerblading at Europeans biggest Youth-Festival: 01. - 03. October 2010 YOU - Berlin Tempelhof/ Germany

      SAG and Grindhouse will once again organize some massive Spine-Ramp and Halfpipe competitions in Berlin: Read more »