Dominic Sagona USD UFS Thrones

Since two weeks I`m the happy owner of the second edition Dominic`s Sagona Pro skate from USD. First impression which came to my mind - another UFS throne skate, nice color scheme, great frame – overall a good skate but nothing innovative. Well that was just the first impression. After more carefull examination you can notice a new cuff. The so-called V-cut cuff makes the skate even more flexible, without losing the support.  Let`s go further – the skate comes with the newest edition of Sifika liner – and this is the part which I would like to focus on the most. Very comfortable liner, with cool design, although most of the time the funky details will be hidden inside the skate.‘Rubber spots’ can be found all over the liner, and they really help a lot to keep it in one place, and prevent any tears in areas (like ankle area) where they usually appears.  Yet the biggest advantage of this liner is for sure the lacing system – at last the lacing system of the liner starts exactly in the place where the laces from skate shell ends, no more tangles etc finally!! Your foot is contsntly in one place, and if the liner itself will be durable (I`ve used it for two weeks so far so I can`t really say now how its gonna last) enough, there is big chance that this will be the best liner I have ever skated so far. Text: Przemek Madej
Translation: Basza
Photos: Grzegorz „Harry” Niechaj / Mirek Ragan