Radius Media

The beginning of 2007 overflowed with many new media releases. Premieres of highly anticipated videos as well as first issues of new print magaiznes – ONE and Rollerblading Source from Radius Media. The thing which distinguishes RS from other print mags is the fact of adding a DVD. Guys behind the RS are no other than Charles Dunkle and Shawn Engler, the authors of great Reject series which btw shared the same idea (print mag +DVD). Everybody who enjoyed the Reject know exactly what to expect from RS – rock, hard core tricks, dynamic skating and great cast of skaters. 
The main character of the first issue is Joey Chase – young skater from Florida, known from his great section in ‘Shadowed from the society’ and also from many other smaller appearances in different vids. Now his image and way of skating has changed completely. Joey Chase is no more a switch-ups machine. He progressed a lot, and does a crazy tech stuff on high rails or massive gaps. With fast Nirvana`s song used to his section we can such tricks as perefctly executed 450 back nifti 540 off, his signature Fr torqes on steep rails, long fastslides or the famous Fr torqe transfer on a kink rail!! Besides the main profile of Joey, the DVD offers us another profile of upcoming Matty Schrock. It is a very first section of this guy which I have seen and I have to admit that I like it a lot. Very stylish skating, creative spots and huge vocabulary of tricks, not to mention really good song which gives it a nice flow. What`s more? Well there are of course bunch of Montage sections where besides the guys from Alabam we can see skating from Alex Broskow, ultra technical Mark Wojda (fakie 450 topsoul on long rail, full true top acid on steep gap rail), Dawid Size More with his effortless 540 True mizu or 540 TTS, and what makes me happy the most - Rob Thompson, who after long brake is finally back and does his thing like in the old days. 
The editing is quite simple but with such flick it is and advantage, there are no stops between the sections, each of them smoothly goes into the next one. The tracks are varied, from mellow songs to fast and dynamic tracks. The whole thing lasts about 20 min, so it is a perfect choice before heading to a session.  As far as the print magzine is concerned, even though it is the very first issue, it is packed with some good articles without any not neccesary stuff (like 3-page interviews with music bands or product reviews where 1/3 of the page is just blank white – vide ONE), but what is most important and eye catching – almost no advertising at all, the whole mag has them like two - YES only 2!

To sum it up Radius Media has a great start and I looking forward to get the next issues. 
Editing: 7/10
Music: 9/10
Tricks: 9/10
Overall: 8/10 Basza