Razors Cult Eliott 3

Long months of anticipation and they are finally here – re-edition of classic Cult skate, The third Pro Model of Jon Elliot. End of the year, the weather sucks here right now, but somehow I menaged to skate them a few times and test how they perform. 
For me the Cult skate is something totally new. Although it has been available on the market for few years now I haven`t had any occasion to check them out. Since 2003 I have been skating Genesis-type skate and I thought they are the best ones. Of course the Genesis boot is quite good but I really got bored after 4 years. So for this year I decided to give up the Genesis S7 model and try the Classic Razor E3 skate instead and you know what?? I`m not regreting it even a bit!! 

First glance – smooth, slim, stylish black skate with solid and leather liner. The new additions – the Ground Control Dual Injection frame ( the best available frame in my opinion!) and new Pro Elliot model wheels from 4x4. The only change I`ve made was replacing the grindwheels for my old-good Creepers and I went for my first session. 

First of all the Cult skates are not so bulky and massive as Genesis ones. You can easily say that the are the Razor`s version of M12. The light weight can be noticed straight away. Slim shell adjusts to your foot much more and gives you great control over your tricks. The liner itself is perfect. Full support and amazing comfort. The cuff is the same as in Genesis shell, so all the flexibility which we are used to is here. The main difference in the Cult shell is the rised heel area – just like in Valos or in M12. For some people this is an advantage, for others completely opposite. Personally, it didn`t make any huge difference for me. Like they say – “Get over it, you have to get used to it’ – some say that the rised heel makes it easier to do alley-oops trikcks. The soulplate is a little smaller then in Genesis, but it is fast as hell too! It doesn`t make an huge difference when skating, but whats more it even helps during the landings - it doesn`t stick out so much so you won`t scrape the ground like your friend in Xsjados. For some of you the smaller soul area will be a drawback, since now there is this hype about super huge soul space but whatever.. I`m sure it`s enough. Well the fact that there is any antishock included doesn`t help with bigger gaps, but I never have been a huge fan of antishocks. If you need one there are plenty to choose from, just stick it inside the liner and you are all good!