Razors G4.1 Press Release

Razors is pleased to announce the release of the latest sequel of the
legendary Genesys skate series: The G4.1 incorporates the latest liner
technology with articulated ankle support, comfort and perfect flex. The
proven Razors frame is literally indestructible and comes with 42 mm
anti-rocker wheels with new aluminum spacers to allow just enough spin
to roll over bumps and stairs.

The XL backslide plate is perfectly aligned with the groove of the
frame, eliminating any break in time.

The G4.1 features a replaceable soul frame, oversized shock absorbers
and BHC wheels. Two allen wrenches are conveniently placed inside each
skate underneath the heel pads.
* Genesys Soul frame
* Sturdy Razors frame
* BHC 56 mm/90A wheels
* Comfortable Liner with articulated ankle support
* 42 mm anti-rocker wheels with aluminum spacers
* Perfectly aligned backslide plate groove
* Oversized heel pad
* Integrated allen wrenches under heel pads
* ABEC 3 bearings
* 56mm/90A Razors wheels Sizes: 6-14, plus size 10.5