Razors Genesys Junior 11

Razors’ 2011 Genesys Junior received a complete makeover and was re-designed from scratch. It incorporates the same sturdy materials and parts normally only found in skates of professional skaters. Features such as 42 mm grind wheels, pre-grooved backslide plates, Ground Control frames with heavily reinforced walls and soul plates in unbreakable Nylon material provide for a safe and fun skating experience for many years.

To make sure that the fun doesn't stop when your feet grow, Razors invented a solution to make the skate adjustable from size 3 to 6 without compromising on sturdiness or performance: the skate consists of 2 boot shells that are attached to a soul frame platform and can be adjusted to the front AND back. This creates a sturdy connection and makes sure the balance of the skater will not be changed when the size is adjusted.

It also comes with a removable backslide plate which can be replaced when worn down.


  • Adjustable range from size 3-6
  • Sturdy soul Frame platform
  • Replaceable backslide plate
  • Shock absorbing heel pad
  • Ground Control frame
  • Anti-rocker grind wheels
  • Large center gap for easy grinds
  • Articulated liner
  • Including DVD “This is Rolling”