Rolla Magazine

Rolla is an australian magazine, released quarterly since winter 2005. Since few weeks it is available at (new and archive issues) and it got the attention of crew with its original format and plenty of cool articles to read. That’s right, when browsing the pages of any issue of Rolla it can be clearly seen how much good texts are here, where in other mags of this kinds full-page phots reduce the time of ‘reading’ to minimum. The small format and the way of writing the texts makes this magazine very similar to ‘Any Given Day’ zin (Does anybody still remember it?). The content of the magazine vary, but most text are the detailed stories about events, street comps of all kind which took place in Australia (not only aggressive oriented but Speed skating and hockey too). Interviews with such skaters like Hayden Watt or Rian Arnold will help you to get familiar with top aussie` inline skaters, who can be seen in the latest edition of Bemag DVD. The good thing is also the possibility of reading about OG rollers like Shane Yost, Sam Fogarty etc. What`s more, lots of sections and articles with setup tips etc make this mag very friendly to all new-comers who just started to roll – really good point which is almost missing in other mags.
One of the most interesting issues so far can be issue #3 with super cool Andrew Tunney interview – this very talented graphic designer and skater , helped a lot of companies and made aquite a big name for himslef. Numer #4 is the Photo issue, although the format of Rolla is rather small, the photos look dope and give you a quick look into aussie` awesome spots. The most recent issue #5 presents you Richie Eisler interview with bemag tour story. Also sweet ‘History Class’ section can be found there, with many older and respected saketrs profiled (Tom Fry, Dion antony or Tim Ward) To sum it up Rolla is a great mag, and an alternative for all of you who want to read about new scene and see different skaters. The energetic Australia` scene is getting bigger again, and Rolla mag is a great chance to see what`s going over there! Good price, small poster included to every issue. Basza