Winterclash 2010

Ladies and gentleman,

We made it! is finally online and packed with all the information. It took us almost half a year to fix a location, handle loads of problems on our way and make sure to guarantee an enjoyable Winterclash 2010.

This event is the first step into the direction we think the Winterclash needs to be pushed. The way into the public eye and into the media. A step in a direction we need to go to push the thing we call Rollerblading and a step in a bright future with people finally realizing what this sport is about.
It’s time to spread the word about our sport, our community and about the love we share.

The Winterclash 2010 is an event which transports all of the things above, but first of all and most important, it’s an event FOR YOU!

Together with our top professionals, wild amateurs and outstanding girl skaters, and together with a crowd traveling to Berlin from all over the world we will enjoy the weekend of the year in one of the greatest cities in this world.

We need you for this and we are truly looking forward to welcome you at the Winterclash 2010.

Thank you for your support, thank you for Rollerblading!


The Winterclash Team