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    • Grażyna Wratny is the top female blader in Poland and Europe as well. If we had a „Skater of the year” awards here in Poland somehow, I would pick Grażyna without any hesitation. The girl made a name for herself in such short period of time that it wasn’t surprise to plug her to the Hedonskate team this year. Placing on the podium during last Lausanne contest, followed by winning the title of Polish Rolling League Champ in Girls division, appearances on TV shows, WheelScene #1 mag interview and what’s crucial – constant skating progress – it was definitively busy year for Grażyna. Read more »

    • INterview #16 - Radek Kojtych

      1. As I remember you was playing soccer professionally, do you think did it have some impact on your skating?

      Yep, I was playing football for some time in local soccer team, then in County Leagues events. I think it's obvious that physical training helps you in blading which requires rather healthy and agile body. Though as in every contact sport, the risk of an injury is high, I think I had more injuries from playing soccer than from rollerblading (including this which put me aside for one year). Even though I don't play anymore I still try to keep fit – I exercise a lot and do some jogging regular. Read more »

      • Black Jack
      • Hedonskate - Aggressive Blades
    • INterview #15 - Marek Doniec

    • INterview #14 - Mark Wojda

      1. Introduce yourself. Read more »

    • INterview #13 - Igor Jovanovic

      1. You started skating in the age of 21. How did it happen that you got into it in such age. Did you asked yourself a standard question: Am I too old to start this?

      Yes I started to rollerskate at 21, but I had always loved extreme sports. As a kid I was wood pusher for many years, which made the transition to rollerblading much easier because many of the tricks are similar.

      My friend and I started aggressive skating because it seemed interesting and no one else was doing it. We did gaps tried to grind small things we just cruised around and had fun.

      No, I wasn´t  thinking about that, it was too fun but the thought was crossing my mind later on many times. After a while many people were quitting the sport and we didn´t have any skateparks. Also, the weather in Sweden dose not permit you to skate that long. During a 2-3 yr. period we had to travel to other cities to skate parks, sometimes 4 hours away. Read more »

    • INterview #12 - Coco Sanchez

      Introduce yourself, what are you currently up to besides rollerblading?
      I’m Coco Sanchez and I just got back from doing shows all summer in Ohio. Right now I’m in the process of getting a place down in southern California. That’s pretty self explanatory but I am just getting the basics of being on my own and figuring out the most important part of my life out, me.

      How did you get into skating, are you into anything else (like Kaya Turski and freestyle skis)?
      My older brother got me into the scene. I started traveling around the country with my dad and some of the atl crew finding contest and getting our names out. Besides skating is when I concentrate on myself, family and friends. This winter I plan on being in the snow. I have not tried the skis yet, snowboarding is more my thing. Although this winter Ill give skiing a try. Read more »

    • INterview #9 - Dom West about Australia and Vine S

      1. Back in the days the Aussie scene was really big and vivid, skaters like Blake Dennis or Josh Clark were famous worldwide, when did such icons disappear? Skaters from Australia never really had much exposure, what can you say about those times?

      Read more »