Black Market, KFC, Hyphy 2

At the beginning I would like to point that I tried to make this review different then any other. I won`t focus on what sections or tricks can be seen in this vids, although I will mention some of them…but one thing is clear – any of this dvds should not be missed by any roller out there. Why ?? Read more and find out!
First of all, I watched three DVDs, one after another so my review will be based on my first impression. Let`s start..
Thanks to I got all three DVDs as soon as they hit shops worldwide. I invited some friends and were ready to watch. Most of present guys wanted to see Black Market first so we began with the flick from Misledmedia. I had heard earlier that DM comes on two disc set – well it`s partly true – you get one double-side DVD, which is not so good solution simply because then the Dvd itself is easier to scratch etc. Anyway, all of us knew that BM will have tons of good tricks, new fresh european spots etc but nobody thought that the quality of this film will be soooo good. The HD technique is the future – higher resoultion, deeper colors – simply this is a sneak peak of what to expect in next-gen filmography. The core of the BM is 30 minutes long documentary about the Euro-tour which Misledmedia crew went on this year. The host – Jeremy J. tells the whole story – where they lived, what they were doing besides skating, who they met, what they liked and what they hated – this section is pretty long but its impossible to get bored. I`m sure that after watching this section many of you will probably change their dreams about going to Cali – aka skating paradise – all of you will want to go to Barcelona instead. It`s really good to see that each year more and more US skaters are coming to Europe and as it can be seen in videos like BM – they are really enjoying it.
Well, its time for the “standard” sections. As I said before everybody knows what to expect – killer, next level of skating is here – gaps ( and I mean REAL gaps), wallrides, hammers, technical lines and more - you can be sure that all of the latest things are here. It`s no use to write about any particular trick or a profiled person - you have to see it for yourself. Although the soundtrack wasn’t bad, together with friends we agreed that if there is something that we could change – it would be music. Don`t get me wrong the tracks are cool, but I would want to hear something more vivd. Overall the BM rules, its long, it got everything, not to mention very professional editing – I guess you can say it is the most well edited inline video so far – from sections, to well designed menus, additional materials etc.

The next chosen DVD turned out to be KFC: Members Only. The most anticipated production of the year, long awaited, the true sequel of KFC1,2 – sections of Kansas crew only and of course the controversial editor – AJ. The film starts with gloomy introduction – all later profiled skaters are characterized as a zombies – according to AJ each of this interludes has a hidden message and together with perfect matching songs lyrics - can be very tricky yet challenging to find the true meaning behind it. The new KFC turned out to be completely different rolling vid then Black Market – technically the production of JDU is more advanced and so is the level of skating… but with “Members only” AJ wanted to show some different aspect of skating, he wanted to show what is like to have very close crew of friends and what is skating is all about – fun, as simple as that. Having that in mind we watched KFC with pure amazment. The music choices are ….superb, for the next couple of months you will be listening to Broskov`s song all the time (if you are not doing so now). I can`t compare KFC and BM – two totally different movies – one thing which they have in common is the Barcelona as a place when tricks are being done ( again!). Both are essential. Pick just one and you will miss the other..and vice versa.
After KFC we had enough of watching, but the resembling PS2 game package of Hyphy 2 still hunted our heads so we decided to watch it too. The first Hyphy was a blast, how is the new episode of Ivan Narez`s and Vinny Minton`s production?? Well, after watching two rolling vids such as KFC and BM we thought that nothing is gonna impress us more… hmmm 15 seconds after pressing PLAY ALL – we all are sitting with mouths and eyes wide open – you won`t believe how inline progressed during last six months –LEVEL IS INCREDIBLE. I can honestly say that in Hyphy 2 there is no one single weak trick. Countless tricks, swithc-ups which we saw for the first time!! Despite it was like 2 AM and it was the third flick which saw that evening everybody watched it till the end with screams and loud cheers. The revolution starts here with Hyphy 2. Unfortunatelly the new tricks are the only (!?) thing which distinguishes Hyphy 2 from other rolling vids – the editing is plain simple and can`t be compared to KFC, BM or let`s say new Valo video – the development of rolling cinematopgraphy should not be based only on tricks difficulty – we expect fresh ideas, new ways of presenting rolling – not the simple clip after clip + random mp3 in the background editing.

So what are the final words for all three videos ?? Here we go

Black Market – real european flick. The best editing and quality. The most advanced rolling video up to date.
KFC Members only – real “rollerblading video” if you want to see what rolling is all about. Friends and fun.
Hyphy 2 – the highest level of skating and simple editing.