"The Game Final" - Edit

Our friend Radek Kojtych has just undergone a knee surgery, everything went well. His injury has put him out from skating during last months of 2006. Fortunately he is recovering fast.

Without wheels under his feet but still fully juiced, he actively participates in most rolling events. Check how we performed during the last finals Of ‘The Game’ in Essen by watching the edit made by Radekl himself, with newest track of nobody else but ‘creeper’ aka ‘switch technique’ aka The FIST.

Just to recall, Radek is the prizewinner of this year 4th edition of ‘Zajawka’ festival in Gdańsk, where his edit ‘Trash Park’ received third place!Once again we congratulate him for this achivement, and give you the chance to see his newest production! Radek get better soon and come to skate with us!!   Autor tekstu: Adam
Foto: Adam
Edit: Radosław Kojtych