Remz Pro Team 2009

Jacob Juul & Dominik Wagner: Remz Pro in 2009

We have put both effort and pleasure in supporting the strong european scenes for the past couple of years, touring all over and sponsoring some of the greateast euro-skaters (i.e. future stars like Julien Cudot from France, up and comers like Nils Jansons from Latvia, or well established names like Mark Stamer from Germany). Europe rewarded us with two skaters who really caught everyone's attention in 07 & 08 and who will now represent at the highest level in the international Remz Pro Team: Danish powerhouse JACOB JUUL & German legend DOMINIK WAGNER.

The two have worked very hard the past 2 years (dom -- 07 'rockslide bowl contest' winner, 07 & 08 'inline games winner' (07 2nd place: jacob), 08 'summerclash' winner... /// jake -- 07 'real street norway' winner, 07 'real street sweden' winner, 07 'weekend to remember' winner, 07 'AIL am world championship' winner...), but we all know that contests results aren't everything: Dom and Jacob are two of the most respected personalities from Europe, both for their skating skills and for who they are...

2009 Remedyz Pro team:  [Haffey] [Juul] [Morales][O'Brien] [Wagner] [Wood]