Winterclash 2009

The Winterclash is near. People from all over the world are booking their tickets right now.
Its time for polish people as well. In the last years, we always had visitors from Poland and this time it needs to be the same.
This time we want to help you out with little travel tips. Maybe this helps you to plan your trip and to make it to the event. We would love to see some of you there again!!

As you may have heard, the event moved from Germany to Sint Niklaas in Belgium. So this is a longer distance now.

First of all, here are some examples for the distance by car, just so you can get an impression where you’re going:

Poznan – Sint Niklaas: 990 km
Wroclaw – Sint Niklaas: 1050 km
Warszawa – Sint Niklaas: 1300 km
Krakow – Sint Niklaas: 1300 km

If the travel by car is too long for you, there are many possibilities to fly.
The best way is to fly into Brussels. From there it’s a short trainride to Sint Niklaas for just 15€ (weekend ticket).
Look at for cheap flight offers at Polish websites!

Here are two price examples for flights:
Wroclaw – Brussels: 320 PLN (80€) with
Warszawa – Brussels: 158 PLN (40€) with

We hope this helped you a bit in finding the best possible way to get to the event.
Please ask your local airport, train station and check on Google for more offers.

Good luck. We hope to see you in Sint Niklaas!