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    • 1. As I remember you was playing soccer professionally, do you think did it have some impact on your skating?

      Yep, I was playing football for some time in local soccer team, then in County Leagues events. I think it's obvious that physical training helps you in blading which requires rather healthy and agile body. Though as in every contact sport, the risk of an injury is high, I think I had more injuries from playing soccer than from rollerblading (including this which put me aside for one year). Even though I don't play anymore I still try to keep fit – I exercise a lot and do some jogging regular. Read more »

    • Hedonskate Silesia Tour

      Sweden, Romania.. it`s a high time fro a Polish tour of Hedonskate! We have a pleasure to announce another green tour, which will visit the biggest parks around Silesia area. The event is supported also by Intruz Clothing company and their funky bus! Especially for this occasion we invited all of our Polish and International team riders from Czech, Romania, Latvia and Sweden. The tour starts on 25th of September in Bytom Plaza skateaprk, where together with Green Association we will conduct a contest (included in PRL ranking). Feel free to join us!!! Check the poster for exact dates!   Read more »

      • Black Jack
      • Hedonskate - Aggressive Blades
    • Hedonskate 5th b-day party!

    • Hedonskate Calendar 2009

      The 2008 season was very successful for Hedonskate team – countless trips, tours covering many parts of Europe.… Read more »

    • Hedonskate Belt Bag

      • Author: Administrator
      • Category: Test

      As you may already notice there are lot of different belt bags released recently, Hedonskate made also its… Read more »

    • 2nd Hedonskate Birthday

      • Author: Administrator
      • Category: INevents

      The green revel will begin on 4th of November at 21pm in Częstochowa’s club “Rura”.Put on something green… Read more »

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