Inspirations:  Dorota, music, friends

Occupation:  computer scientist, skater

Coke or Pepsi:  Pepsi

Contact: szymon @       BASZA:

Inspirations: Jon Elliot

Occupation: English teacher in high school

Coke or pepsi:  Pepsi all the way!!!

Contact: basza @ , basza @        MIREK:

Inspirations: shpongling, candyfliping, uncool, rattail, hawaii style, jj i ewi!

Occupation:owner of skate brand

Coke or  Pepsi: Coke

Contact :mirek @       MADEJ:

Inspirations: perspective of development, music, beloved sport.

Occupations:  computer student, hedonskate, usd and stygma team rider, hedonskate 2nd designer.
Coke or  Pepsi:  Coke!

contact: madej @        ADAM

Inspirations:  Life, people... Any kind of harmony hidden in music, image, mathematics, logic and human itself - by his physical and mental existance. Social sience...Philosophy - ontology.. Womans, rollerblading and other addictions...

Occupation: pro skater, designer, film maker, socjologist

Coke or Pepsi: Coke

Contact: adam @

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