Vibralux James Dean Jeans ver. 1

Vibralux James Dean Jeans ver. 1   After a year of anticipation, the first model of Vibralux pants finally hit the market. James Dean Jeans are classic stretch jeans – made of an elastic material, are perfect for skating or everyday use. ‘Tight’ cut, ideal length and what is most important – great comfort which cannot be compared to any other traditional jeans. Although pants of this type are not new idea, the product from Vbx stands out. Forget about weird cuts, sizes of Ucon or England pants – its really hard to pick one of their product which will fit you, Vibralux pants on the other hand, full of small details (sewed logos, engraved buttons) give you the simplest yet very stylish solution. Available in 4 different sizes can fit anyone – if you like ‘tight’ style go with S or M size, but if you like loose clothes you can`t go wrong with L or XL. Like all other products from new Vbx line the James Dean`s were designed with help of whole team – Chris Farmer, Chris Chesire or Alex Broskow. Vibralux is doing great job, with two more models of pants available for christmas it is one of the most popular clothing brand right now!