ONE review

It is about time to write something about ONE – the newest rollerblading print magazine. It has been like 5 months already and three issues have been released so far. Let`s have a closer look! The guys behind the project were working for Daily Bread – the legendary magazine which in its prime time was the most popular print mag for rollerbladers. Following the idea of Bemag, besides the main editors (Justin Eisinger, Chris Peel, Arlo), ONE employs bunch of different people who are connected to our industry in one or another way. Jess Dyrenforth, Ryan Schude, Mike Opalek, Tom Hyser, Mike Rios, Jan Welch, Corey Casey and manu more contributors will make sure the right content.  It is rather obvious that right now every issue resembles a photo issue. Full page photos, often portraitng the skaters themselves are very characteristic element of this mag. The articles are not a key feature here, so some of you might say that ONE lacks of articles, but it`s just the beginning and with every next issue this situation may be changed. The texts which can be found are mostly the long interviews (with skaters and musicans) or really good reviews of inline vids, books or CD`s. The reviews are really good, finally… In addition there a short section called Wellness which gives you many useful tips how to train and stretch your body before session, clever!  Unfortunately, the ONE has some cons, which probably will be removed in the next issues but right now they aren`t helping the mag at all. As I mentioned before not so many texts together with huge amount of advertising makes this magaizne really short to go thorugh ( in two premiere issues adverts were placed almost on every two pages) . We can see some major improvement in ONE #3 but who knows what it will be like in future. Also I didn`t like at all the graphic design of the Gear section, where almost half of the page was white blank area…   To sum it up, ONE has a really big potential, having so many different contributors it may compete with such magazines as Be-mag in future for sure. The development can be clearly seen in each issue. Let`s hope that guys will keep up the good work and give us another quality print mag. Basza