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    • Razors Cult White

      Razors' Cult skate is one of the most tested and proven skates in the industry. The Cult Street comes with a wide soul frame for easy locking on and is made of a fiberglass reinforced Nylon material for fast grinding speeds. Read more »

    • Razors & Jug - Spring 2012 Clothing line

      Quick preview of the new Razors & Jug soft line. New Tees, Hoodies will be available in a few weeks at your favourite shops! Read more »

      • Black Jack
      • Hedonskate - Aggressive Blades
    • Trust Spec Ops liner - Preview

      The Special Ops liner was developed to meet the fit requirements of narrower skates and exceed them in most full hard boot skates allowing skaters to unlock and explore a new world of options in their skates.

      Read more »

    • Razors G9 LE - White

    • Razors G7.4

      The Razors G7.4 is the latest sequel of the popular Genesys skates series. It comes a perfectly pre-grooved backslide plate which is perfectly aligned with the groove of the frame and does not require any break-in time. It fits tightly into the boot providing more control and direct contact in boot tricks. Read more »

    • Razors SL - Dre Powell 2

      Following tradition Dre Powell choose a soft boot design also for his second pro skate. He completely redesigned the skin, chose suede leather and made it an integral part of the boot. The result is a clean look, minimal added weight and long durability. Read more »

    • USD VII Grey

      The VII was originally created as a price-point skate, but after it was drastically improved both in comfort, hardwear and looks skaters on the team began to take an interest. This skate can battle any skate on the market. Its liners are high quality and exceedingly comfortable, and the cuff and boot combination is a perfect balance between support and flexibility. Read more »