Jug Argyle 2 Liner

The Jug Argyle 2 liner is a sequel of the popular Argyle 1 liner. It comes with exchangeable tongue badges to match the liner to the color of your set up. A silicon grip pattern on the back of the liner sticks to the inside wall of the skate and prevents it from shifting and moving.

Perfect heel support is provided by J-pads which surround your ankle and lock in your heel. A high rebound 15 mm foam padding adapts to the contours of your foot and provides comfort and perfect fit. A 4-point lacing system further improves support and fit and the proven Jug Tongue Velcro System prevents shifting of the tongue. A super comfortable Polyurethane insole with gel pads reduces the impact of landings and a laminate inside the cuff area provides support and prevents the edge of the cuff from digging into your leg.

New Features:

    * Exchangeable tongue badges
    * Silicone grip pattern
    * J-pad ankle lock
    * High rebound foam
    * Duel density Gel footbed
    * 4-point lacing system
    * Velcro tongue lock
    * Articulated, pre-shaped tongue
    * Removable tongue insert
    * Stash pocket

Available has high to or V-cut liners.

Sizes: 6-13 plus size 10.5