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    • Another Winter, another few months without real skating – just like every year the dull December-Feb-Jan period left me with nothing less than an incredible urge to attend this one special event which boosts me again up for the whole year – the annual meeting of rollerbladers called a Clash... or better known as WINTERCLASH!     Read more »

    • Winterclash 2011 – Missed it? Regret!

      Winterclash 2011 is behind us. Another important date was added to rollerblading history and I'm sure it will remain in our heads for a long time. As it always happens, it's time for a little summary of a wild weekend in Holland and some thoughts that are popping out in my mind. Read more »

      • Hedonskate - Aggressive Blades
      • Black Jack
    • Hedonskate Silesia Tour - Part 3 and 4

      The 3rd and 4th day of the tour was nothing but rain, so we decided to visit another indoor facilities. The one in Czelad. And the one in Pszow, the home town of one of our team riders Radek Kojtych. The parks are rather small, thankfully not so often visited by the locals anymore, but for most of the tour riders it was the first time they had a chance to skate it so it turned out to be not so bad in the end. Read more »

    • Hedonskate Silesia Tour Report - Part 1

      The summer was super busy for Hedonskate Team – we had two big tours, the one around Sweden and the second one through Romania. Since whole Hedonskate Team consists about 15 people, riders were divided through the trips. Yet we felt it was way to long that we hadn't had a gathering of a complete Team in one place so we started thinking about another venture – this time, more relaxed one, with no hurry and deadlines, oriented more in getting photos for the upcoming 2011 Hedonskate calendar and getting the crew more tight together. Read more »

    • Silesiana Skate Show Inline Part II - Wyniki, Edit

      Final results: Read more »

    • Baltic Games & Rollfest 2010 Report

      I couldn't take part in the whole Rollfest this year, yet those three last days that I experienced left me with no doubt that our scene is stronger than ever – so much new faces, new crews and fresh blood! Read more »

    • Baltic Games 2010 - Finals

      Cards are on the table, finest and most unique group of skaters made it to the finals to entertain the crowd and give them a show I will remeber as baltic games 2010. Stakes were high right from the beginnig. Read more »