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    • Winterclash Memories - by Chris Luca

      • Author: Basza
      • Category: Others

      Winterclash 2012 is coming! This weekend whole rollerblading world will gather in Eindhoven to welcome new season and bust some tricks, while having great time! To make the anticipation more pleasant we prepared small gallery from the last year edition by Chris Luca. crew is getting ready for the clash - expect full coverage just after the event as usual! Enjoy!   Read more »

    • INterview #17: Grażyna Wratny

      Grażyna Wratny is the top female blader in Poland and Europe as well. If we had a „Skater of the year” awards here in Poland somehow, I would pick Grażyna without any hesitation. The girl made a name for herself in such short period of time that it wasn’t surprise to plug her to the Hedonskate team this year. Placing on the podium during last Lausanne contest, followed by winning the title of Polish Rolling League Champ in Girls division, appearances on TV shows, WheelScene #1 mag interview and what’s crucial – constant skating progress – it was definitively busy year for Grażyna. Read more »

      • Hedonskate - Aggressive Blades
      • Black Jack
    • Winterclash 2012

      The Winterclash 2012 tickets did now arrive in the shops! After only a few days more than half of the tickets are already sold and we are surprised and happy about the strong support of our visitors. Thanks to everybody! Read more »

    • Ground Control Formula 1 XS By Kuba Olejarz

      Completely redesigned frame by Ground Gontrol with bunch on new features. Read more »

    • GC Formula 1 Frame review by Mihai Militaru

      • Author: Basza
      • Category: Test

      Soon after the GC Formula 1 frames were released, I asked for a pair of these frames, to try them out.  I fell in love with them immediately!!! Well,  that doesn't sound very convincing to you, so let me explain why do I love these frames. Read more »

    • Clac & Wheelscene - new print media!

      Rollerblading is strong! We have a pleasure to present two, new print mags that were released lately. As we all know ONE and Be-mag is doing their best to cover the rollerblading worldwide yet french CLAC and english Wheelscene have a good chance to get some fans too!! Read the editorials from the premiere issues to see what authors had in mind when creating those mags! Read more »

    • SUPER SOUL a heroic competition / 30th of april 20

      For the first time ever the Heizhaus Leipzig hosts a rollerblading contest on the 30th of april 2011. The event is the 1st stop of the World Rolling Series 2011 in Germany. The main focus of the contest is to deliever the german rollerblading scene a memorable event and to welcome rollerbladers from all over the world.
      The SUPER SOUL consist of an amateuer- / professional rollerblading street  competition in an ordered set contest format and an Old School Hip Hop Aftershow-Party. It also includes a riders sleeping camp for everyone who likes to stay the night. The sleeping camp is in a separat part of the event location ( The sleeping camp fees per night is 7,50€, including a breakfast. So we give everyone the chance to spend the night(s) in Leipzig. One reasion to stay the night is the aftershow-party with one of the most established old school hip hop female Djs in Leipzig: „Deejane Yo-c“ She is followed by the „Urban Utans“ and „Pau L.D. / Paul Balzer“ Read more »